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Try checking the car manual or diagram at the fuse box and make sure it's got the proper fuse amp rating.. if someone replaced it with a wrong type, the wiring may be over heating from too many amps going thru it. Also get ahold of a wiring diagram and check the grounds.

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Q: What would cause the headlights to start flickering on and off and the headlight switch becomes hot after the car has been running for about 45 minutes?
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Why the headlights break on a 1992 dodge spirit changed a headlight 10 minutes later the same headlight burn again?

your headlight is probably full of water

Why do your headlights turn off and on every 3 to 4 minutes?

Bad headlight control module located under dash on drivers side

How do you defog car headlights?

As time passes, driving your car causes damage to your headlight lense. With constant dirt and rocks hitting them it not only causes a "haze" on the headlights but it reduces quality and the look of your car.But you dont have to replace your can purchase "crystal view" a headlight restoration kit at wal-mart,k-mart or any auto parts store. it takes about 5 minutes each headlight but the time is worth it.

When do you turn on your headlights?

30 minutes after sunset

Why do your 2003 Marquis headlights shut off after four minutes?

Your auto headlight switch only controls the delay after you turn off the ignition, if it's dark enough. The closer the pointer is to the 12 o'clock position the less time they will stay on, turn the switch more to the left and the headlights will stay on longer, up to 4 minutes. That switch has nothing to do with the sensitivity of the auto lamps, only the delay.

When turn on headlights in Tennessee?

Headlights are required to be turned on in Tennessee 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise, when visibility it low, and in adverse weather conditions.

I have a 97 accord lx and the fuses are good. The headlights work but dash lights and tail lights do not. There is a slight burning smell when I turned on headlights after about two minutes.?

The burning smell indicates a short in the electrical system somewhere. I would start by replacing the headlight switch. If that does not work you will have to have a mechanic look at it.

How can you have the lights come on when you open the doors on a Acura TL?

On 99+ TL, To have the headlights come on when the drivers door is opened, just leave the headlight switch on when exiting the vehicle. They will automatically turn off within a few minutes. Next time you open the drivers door or hit the unlock button, the headlights will come on.

How do you fix a daylight problem on a 1993 Nissan Sentra where one headlight is turning off after a few minutes?

not sure if this is the answer but have you checked to see if you have a ground wire that is loose or the connection is bad? as a bad ground connection will give you less voltage to the headlight/headlights and they will be rather dim. check your connections to make sure they are snug.

How do you adjust the headlights on a 2001 dodge ram 1500?

around the headlight are about 3 adjustment screws. they take torx tips to adjust but an Allen head would be sufficient. in the dark turn your headlights on and shine them against a wall, now open your hood and start adjusting. it is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes

How do you replace headligth on ram 1500 2002?

if you go on you tube you can watch a whole video on how to replace your headlight. i put the new halo projector headlights and it was only 3 bolts and 3 Philip screws. 10 minutes to replace

What would cause the headlights on a 1994 dodge ram 1500 to turn on then turn off after a few minutes this happens whether the truck is running or not?

The headlight switch and dimmer switch are both common failure points on these Dodge trucks.

How do you change the headlight glass on Volkswagen jetta?

Even better than changing the entire glass, assuming you just want them to be clearer. Go to auto zone and buy the headlight cleanser they have. Pour it on your headlights, wait about 5 minutes then sand it down with low grain sandpaper...they will shine brighter and better than ever.

The headlights must be turned on?

30 minutes before sunset

Why would all speeds work on the fan except for 5 in your 2005 trailblazer And also now your headlights flickerdim at night faintly?

Could be the blower motor resistor. If the other fan speeds start to disappear over time then you will have to buy the resistor. Cheap and easy fix in 20 minutes. Headlights flickering are probably an indicator that your battery is getting weak. All the answers for your Trailblazer with pictures and instructions!

How do you replace the fog light bulb on a 1998 Corvette?

AnswerI believe its a 893 bulb. You need to remove the headlight shroud that covers the headlight.(3 Screws) This will have to be done when you turn on your headlights. You can either leave the headlights on and perform the replacement. Or you can turn on your headlights and disconnect them so they stay in the open position. The connector is located just behind of the headlight. Once the shroud is removed you will be able to gain access to the fog lights. To remove the bulb, simply twist the socket counter clockwise and inspect the bulb. It just takes a little time but it can be done.You will have to have the hood up in order to get your hand in to disconnect the old bulb once you remove the headlight shroud. Also, I hope your hand is "small" enough to fit into the tight space. Good luck! It took me about 5 minutes to replace the bulb.

At what time of the day should your headlights be on?

30 Minutes before sunset

At what times should you use your headlights?

Headlights should be on at least 30 minutes after sunset and can be off 30 minutes before sunrise. They should also be on during times of limited visibility, such as in rain or when it is snowing.

How do you replace headlight assembly on a 1998 mercury villager?

The headlight assembly is only held on by a couple screws and can be replaced in a couple minutes.

What causes your headlights to stay on even when the key is out of the ignition and the headlight switch is in the off position on a 99 dodge neon?

Your headlights might stay on even when the key is removed from the ignition and the switch is off because this is a safety feature in the 1999 Dodge Neon. You can use your vehicle's manual to find out how to turn off this feature if it bothers you. The lights should shut off after a few minutes.

How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 2002 Buick Rendezvous?

undo wing nut on inside lip of the finder and pull white tabs on top of headlight and pull headlight out. will take 2 minutes

Why do headlights stay on with engine off on my 96 Pontiac bonniville?

If they stay on for a few minutes before turning off, it is a safety feature that many newer model vehicles have. It's to give you light for a few moments in order to get from your car to your doorstep (assuming it's dark). Usually, if you turn off the lights before turning off the engine, the lights will turn off immediately, and if you turn off the engine before turning off the lights, they will stay on to light your way for a few minutes. If your headlights are not turning off at all, your problem is probably either a faulty headlight switch, or a faulty headlight relay.

How do you replace the headlights in a 1999 Chevy Blazer?

Look just behind the headlight assembly on either side. You will see two small, black clips that attach to the wall vertically. Pull up both clips on each assembly, and the headlight assembly will pull right out, no tools required. I felt like an idiot when I was messing with the aiming adjustment screws for 30 minutes before I realized this.

You must turn your headlights on minutes after sunset and leave them on until minutes before sunrise?

45 min before both sunset and sunrise

When should you turn your head lights on?

Legally (at least in Missouri) headlights are required 30 minutes before sundown until 30 minutes aftersunrise.