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It depends on what kind of car and what year. if it has cooling fans, they can be not operating.

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Q: What would cause the heat gauge to go up to 260 when the radiator is full?
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What would cause the fuel gauge on a 1993 Ford Thunderbird to stay on full all the time?

A potential bad gauge or sender unit in the tank would cause it to read full all the time.

Why could possibly cause the temperature gauge on a Nissan Maxima to raise after the car is idling for a couple of minutes?

You need to check the radiator and be sure it is full. It can be empty and the overflow tank full. If it is full then check and be sure the radiator cooling is working when the engine is at operating temperature.

What would cause the fuel gauge to show empty when tank is full and cause a no start condition?

You need a new fuel pump

What would cause a 1991 firebirds gas gauge go from one quarter tank to over full over night?

A short in a wire or a failure of gauge or sender.

What would cause the fuel gauge on a 84 camaro to read full then drop to empty?

Faulty signal sender in the tank.

What would cause a 91 cavalier to run at high temps while idling with the coolant reservoir still full?

Radiator could be plugged or restricted

What would cause 2004 Malibu fuel gauge to jump back and forth between empty and full?

a bad sending unit in the gas tank.

What would cause the fuel gauge on a 99 volkswagon beetle to go past full after I fill it up when it is cold How do I fix it?

fuel sending unit

1985 Silverado fuel gauge reads full all the time?

The fuel gauge on a 1985 Chevy Silverado will read full all the time if the sending unit is defective or the wire has come loose. When the tank is full, the sending unit normally shuts off which cause the gauge to read full.

How does a 20 gauge do with trap shooting full choke?

Would not recommend using a full choke or even a 20 gauge, 12s are much better

Where is heat gauge Fuse for a 2000 Camry?

If only the temperature gauge does not work, then a fuse is not the problem. Be sure that the radiator is full. If not you will need to fill it as the temperature sender needs water around it in order to have something to sense. If it is full then take it to a repair shop and have them check it out.

If there is none or less coolant in the radiator does it cause overheating?

You bet! keep that baby full at all times

What would cause 2002 buick regal the low coolant light to remain on even after verifying that radiator and holding tank are full?

it may be a defective sending unit or sensor.

What would cause a 1996 sable to over heat if the coolant level is full?

clogged radiator bad water pump bad thermostat fan not working loose belt

Why does Gas gauge read empty at full and full at empty?

I would assume that the wires are hooked up backwards

Why would a 1998 Chevy full size pickup radiator leak around the top transmission line?

The tanks on the radiator are plastic and the lines vibrate causing the tanks to leak were they screew into the radiator. REPLACE RADIATOR.

Why would a tropper get hot if the radator is full?

If you have an old ISUZU Trooper, the radiator thermostat may be not working. Therefore, it will not let cool water from the radiator into the hot engine, even if the radiator is full. Have the thermostat checked and replaced, if necessary. Good Luck

Why would a fuel gauge be stuck on 'full' even when it is not?

Either there is a short in the fuel sender wiring or the sender in the tank is bad.The actual gauge is rarely bad.Good luck.

What would cause the low coolant lite on a 2000 buick century to come on if the cooling system has been flushed and the levels seem fine?

Levels are probably not fine. Check the radiator not the overfow tank for proper level. The radiator should be full to the top.

Why is temp gauge reading hot and the blower is blowing cold air and the rad is full?

Assuming RAD stands for radiator . . . Chances are your thermostat is stuck closed. Replace it.

What would cause the fuel gauge on a 1999 Dodge diesel to register a full tank when it is not full Have replaced the sending unit and it worked a while but is now failing again?

Did you ever find out why? My son just ran out of fuel with the same situation.

What would cause sound of rushing water on Chevy Equinox?

Air trapped in the cooling system, try replacing the radiator cap and be sure the reservoir is full to line, it should bleed itself out.

What would cause 2001 Dodge 1500 temp gauge to fluctuates wildly fluid levels are fine?

What can cause a 2000 Chey Venture to overheat after replacing the radiator the thermostat and the radiator cap?

It probley has an AIR pocket in the cooling system. Bleed the air out of the system and make sure it is full of fluid.

What can cause a 2000 Neon fuel gauge to read just over half when totally full any clues?

Bad sending unit. This is what reads the tank level and sends it to the gauge.