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What would cause the horn to blow a fuse each time you use it?


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2005-01-15 10:29:57
2005-01-15 10:29:57

Dead short in the horn or the wire. Try unhooking the horn and see if it still blows the fuse. Stop pusjing the horn so much! :-) Actually there seems to be a short or a bad horn. Check for the horn relay as well it may be stuck or bad.


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What would cause your fuse to blow when you turn on your lights on your 1993 mazda 323 the fuse to the tail lights on dash lights blow?

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An Electrical Short Cut somewhere would cause it to blow the fuse. A pinch wire would ground the system, and cause a shortcut.

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i just changed my fuel pump and it has not blown the fuse so i would say that it can cause the fuse to blow

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the relay switch maybe stickin

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Not necessarily. It can blow because the circuit was overloaded and pulling too much current. That would cause the fuse to overheat and blow.

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