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Probably because the spring-loaded horn plunger is getting pinched causing it to find a ground within the steering wheel. You will need to loosen up the steering wheel and retrace your steps.I hope this helps you.

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Q: What would cause the horn to start sounding while driving or parked on a 1995 Dodge Stratus after adjusting the steering wheel?
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What causes 1999 Dodge Stratus engine to smoke near the firewall after driving?

Power steering line leak, need to fix as can cause fire.

Steering wheel is loose while driving?

If the steering wheel is loose while driving the steering rack may be going bad. A bad steering rack leads to a lot of play on the actual wheel.

Why does your steering wheel vibrate when you are driving and coasting?

A car's steering wheel will vibrate when driving if the car's alignment needs to be adjusted.

What would cause steering lose when driving?

Steering fluid leak.

Steering wheel shakes when driving?

Many things can cause the steering wheel to shake when you are driving. However, the most common cause of steering wheel shaking is a bent wheel.

2006 Dodge Stratus with only 65000 miles and now the front end driver's side squeaks and makes noise if I turn the wheel and also when I am driving or starting and stopping Suspension?

check your power steering fluid

What is a padded steering wheel?

A steering wheel that is padded with leather for comforment when driving

Is steering a wheel same as driving?

No. Steering is just one element of driving, but there are a lot more, such as controlling the speed and being vigilant as you drive.

Why would a 2001 Dodge Stratus shut off while driving?

Probably the alternator.

Why does the car stutter when driving in a 2005 dodge stratus?

Could be the transmission!!!!

What happens if you keep driving with a burnt out power steering pump?

probably going to lose your steering

What causes steering to tighten up when driving?

you may need more power steering fluid.

Where is the trunk release button on a dodge stratus locating the trunk release on a dodge stratus?

The trunk release for a Dodge Stratus is to the left of the drivers seat when sitting in the driving position on the floor of the car just inside the drivers door. Pull the lever and you are in.

What can happen if power steering fluid is dirty?

Power steering fluid helps your steering wheel turn easily. If you have dirty power steering fluid, it may be hard to turn your steering wheel while driving.

What is a case 220 steering wheel?

A Case 200 steering wheel, is the model of steering wheel which attaches to a model Case 220 driving tractor.

When im driving your 95 dodge stratus 3.3L it down shifts?

The Stratus does not have the 3.3L. Any shifting complaint diagnostics should start with fluid level and computer trouble codes.

How has power steering made a significant impact on daily driving?

Power steering has made a significant impact on daily driving by assisting in swiveling wheels around their steering axes. Given that vehicles are increasingly heavy, use of front wheel drive, along with increase in tire diameter and width, steering would require major physical exertion if not for power steering.

Why does your steering go stiff on your ford galaxy in the rain?

Possibly the belt driving the power steering pump is worn or loose, and when wet, slips, causing the steering to get stiff.

Why is there no spark in a 2000 dodge stratus?

no spark died while driving shortly after start yes has fuel pressure.

You were driving when you noticed the steering wheel looked like you were turning but you were going straightwhen parked steering gets stiff and clanks when turnwhat could be the problem?

Bad steering rack? Bad steering gear? Pitman arm?

What is wrong with steering on a 1996 Pontiac firebird when you go to take off or turn your wheels it like you have no steering. If your are driving along above 5miles an hour the steering works?

It is possible the power steering fluid is low,or the belt is loose.

Where is the diagnostic port located in a 1988 jeep?

By your knee under the steering column.... right hand side if your driving the RH steering version

Why does your car squeak when you turn your steering wheel while your driving?

Check your power steering fluid or your fan belt could be making noise.

What is the slight rotational oscillation of the steering wheel when driving on road surfaces?

A steering wheel oscillation is an indication of a bad tire or bent rim.

What causes a 1995 Dodge Stratus speed sensor not to work?

10 Years of driving! My 1999 went last year.

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