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there is probably a blocked pcv valve, the engine isn't breathing and its making to much pressure build up in the engine, try adding a breather to one sife of the valve covers(6or8or4idk) but add breather and check or rpelace pcv valve, this should fix it

sounds to me you have have a Bad "oil pump" along the Ticking noise you mention, First of all has this been going on for awhile? if oil pressure gauge is dropping the Engine is not Pumping oil around the engine block and pistions, I too once blew an pistion from oil starvation due to the oil Pump pressure dropping way too low then it would come back up to pressure like 15 minutes later I found this is a very serious thing that can ruin the Valve train ( Piston, crankshaft, camshafts)$$$ if you damage these, might as well go Junky yard start looking for your "used motor" from a Junk car, if this been going on the only way to know is too Drop your " oil pan " look up underneath your engine see what the suprise is, also another way when you change your Oil if you see any Metal dust in it or anything it could tell you something going wrong inside the engine block , sometimes the "Rockers arms" go loose have to tighten up the "lash" the the rocker arms sometime those can be noisy too ...

SHain Haas' Answer

I would start by checking the oil. It is best in the sunlight. Look for metal. Could be very small specs so take your time and look really good. If so, not good, possible engine damage. Especially if a tick noise is present. If oil looks ok, It is possible that you are not loosing oil pressure. You state that it almost sounds electrical. If you have a spark jumpin off a bad coil or spark plug wire, it could be causing the engine to misfire and want to die, (more likely on a 4 cylinder). It might not be that you are losin oil pressure, but your engine is dyin so as it slows down your oil pressure lowers with it. If you are losin oil pressure and it is fuel injected, it might be wanting to die because of an oil pressure cut off switch. It is made to turn off the fuel pump at low oil pressure to prevent engine damage. If you are losing oil pressure, give it more gas and watch to see if your oil pressure rises, if so then possible oil pump or week oil pressure valve spring. If pressure does not rise then it is possible the pickup tube is leaking for your oil pump or you are low on oil.

Ans 3 - I doubt very much that blocked PCV could cause that. Oil pump or insufficient oil is almost certainly the real problem.

Mentioning the vehicle and engine type always helps to get a better answer to things like this.

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What does it mean if you changed the oil on a 1993 Jeep Wrangler and the pressure is 70 and there is a ticking noise?

70 is little high for the oil pressure. It sounds like their could be some blockage in the oil holes that run to the top of the engine. The ticking could be coming from the lifters or valves not getting enough oil.

What could the ticking should be in the engine of your 97 camaro?

it could be a number of things. valves, fuel injectors, or even the rods. like in my case i had a bad ticking and loss of oil pressure. thats when the oil pump gave out.

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Ticking in a 4.7 dodge motor what would it be?

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What caused your car to cut off while driving only to give off a ticking noise when trying to restart?

If the car is ticking but not turning over when trying to start, it sounds as if it's an electrical issue. The ticking sound is probably the starter solenoid. It sounds like there's not enough current to engage the starter. (They require quite a bit of juice.) I'd suggest checking the battery, alternator, and battery cables.

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What is the cause of ticking or tapping in a 1994 V6 3.1 Chevy Lumina Euro?

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