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it could be that your relay is stuck on. your passat windows can be lowered or raised when car is off.

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Q: What would cause the power windows to automatically roll up when the car is shut off on your 1990 VW Passat?
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Where is bcm located on vw passat?

The bcm that controls power windows, locks and doors is located on the driverside floor.

Which fuse panel is it for electric windows vw passat 1998?

I was able to stop power to my malfunctioning windows by removing the "metal fuse" as detailed here.

What fuse do you need for your electric windows?

a circuit breaker is used for power windows most are 30 amp the reson is when you first hit the winsow button it will cause a power surge a blow the fuse the breaker will automatically reset if overloaded also if 2 people hit button at same time it will overload the fuse.

What are the windows 7 power management capabilities?

They are capable of saving a lot of power. if you have it set to power saver but, even on high performance it will try to save power where possible, like automatically reducing the brightness of the screen when there is no activity.

Where is a ECM power relay located for a 2000 passat?

big relay with numbers 377 controls wipers and works as main supply for others like windows sunroof ignition and starter.....

Why is my power windows and odometer are off no power?

no power on the power windows switch

What will cause your 1994 Pontiac firebird windows to not get any power to them?

Blown fuse in the fusebox.

What would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on 2004 dodge ram?

what would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on a 1997 dodge intrepid

How do you replace the power windows switch in a 2000 VW passat?

You would need to take off the door panel in order to remove it. I've included an auto repair video in "related links" down below that will show you exactly what needs to be done to replace it on your 2000 Volkswagen Passat. Hope this helps you out.

What would cause all the power windows to stop working at the same time on a 94 chevy s10 blazer?

Probably the fuse for your power windows look at the manual find out which fuse it is and change it.

Does a spouse automatically have power of attorney if you are not ill?

A spouse does not automatically have a power of attorney. It has to be a specific document.

If the power windows inside lighting and trunk won't pop open through the key on your 2003 Passat what's wrong?

your convience control module under the drivers side seat may be broken.

What would cause your front windows to stop working from either side while your back windows are fine?

Try checking your circuit breakers largefuses or relay switches for front power windows.

Why does my tv come on then goes automatically off again?

Many things can cause your TV to come on and automatically go off again. Common isses include power problems and clogged fans.

Why does hp pavilion p6355d with windows 7 automatically shutdown after a few minutes?

check the power options - - - then, select the settings you preffer - - - then, advance power options - - - and make the changes you want.. hope this helps. :)

Where is Audi window fuse?

There isn't one. The power windows and seat adjuster motors are on an automatically resetting circuit breaker. u sure

Does a 1989 Jeep Cherokee have power windows?

Power windows were an option.

What does the 'start up automatically after power failure' option in System Preferences -- Power Saver in iMac mean?

If there is a power cut then the Mac will be off. The Start Up Automatically.... option will automatically restart your Mac when the power comes back back on.

How wide is the 2001 VW Passat?

The 2001 Volkswagen Passat is 5 ft. 8.5 in. (68.5 in.)12V cargo area power outlet(s) wide.

What could the problem be in a 1987 Ford Crown Victoria when the power windows work but the power locks and power seat don't work Could this be a blown fuse?

Power windows, power seats and power door locks are protected by circuit breakers that reset automatically once they cool down. The wiring bundle that goes from the body to the door are bad about having wires break internally. The wires are in the rubber protecter.

Where do you go to install fuses for the electric windows on a 1992 VW Passat GL?

Fuse panel. Location is listed in your owner's manual. If all your power windows are not working, like my 90 Passat, I had to replace the window relay (control module) located under the rear back seat. There are two black boxes there, it is the larger box. At the dealer they wanted over $200 but I went to a wrecking yard and picked it up for under $20.

What type of fuse is needed for the automatic door/window on a 1999 chevy malibu?

There is not a fuse for power windows. Thet are protected by a circuit breaker that automatically reset itself.

What could cause power windows not to work properly?

Bad fuses, bad connections, or bad window motors.

What would cause the power windows heater fan and wipers to quit working at the same time?

your car stalled?

How do you know which fuse controls the power windows?

it's the one marked "power windows"