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What would cause the rear brakes to leak on one side wetting the pads and how do you fix this?


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2004-10-25 02:42:19
2004-10-25 02:42:19

You have a leak in the caliper piston most likely due to rust which causes brake fluid to leak past the rubber seal. To fix, you have to either rebuild the caliper yourself or buy a rebuilt caliper from the parts store. If you buy a rebuilt caliper, it will come loaded or unloaded. Loaded = comes with brake pads. Unloaded = caliper by itself (no pads).


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If a coolant leak were caused by brake work, I'd never have that person work on my brakes - ever. Just the brakes, I would think it highly unlikely that it would result in a coolant leak. If they were replacing the master cylinder, then I could see a possibility of someone inadvertently causing a coolant leak, but that would still even be a stretch.

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I have to believe that it would be a bad wheel cylinder that controls the back brakes.

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Possibly a broken motor mount. If it runs good otherwise one cause can be a vacuum leak. The check engine light should be on if it is a vacuum leak.

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vacaum leak or bad throttle position sensor. gm Jim

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