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Something is mis-aligned. Check the mounting brackets to see if anything is bent. Make sure that the alternator and any other accessories are aligned properly and that all of the bolts are used to keep the accessories from twisting out of alignment. If the mounting bracket is bent you may need to get a replacment.

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Does the idler pulley cause rough idling?

No. The idler pulley only maintains tension on the serpentine belt. A faulty idler pulley can cause noise and a loose tensioner arm can cause belt slipping but other than having a similar name, it has nothing in common with engine idling.

What does the idler pulley on a Jeep 4.0L connect to on the motor?

The idler pulley is a unit connected to the engine via a brace or bracket. This part merely routs the belt in a certain direction and, if bad, will cause a failure of the total serpentine system or cause belt wear as with any bad pulley in the system.

What would cause the serpentine belt on a 1999 Chevy Malibu to melt?

frozen pulley

What could cause noise on a 2000 impala serpentine belt pulley?

The belt is slipping.

1998 jeep Cherokee fan blades hit crankshaft pulley The pulley apears to be out of alignment with the others Advice please?

i am having this same problem and i couldn't figure out why this was because when i inspected the pulley it appeared to be up against the engine, but i just figured out that the pulley is acually two pieces (the pulley and vibration dampener that it sits on) that can separate and cause the pulley to move towards your fan. you will need to replace the pulley/vibration dampener. You will probably need to expose your flywheel and have a friend put something against it to keep the engine from turning over when doing this.

Will faulty alternator cause serpentine belt to melt on pulley in a 1992 cutlass ciera station wagon?

If I am understanding correctly, it sounds like a pulley may be bound up. Thereby causing the belt to rub and make alot of friction thus causing melting. It could be any pulley in the serpentine system. Remove the belt and feel all pulleys for any play.

What can cause a serpentine belt to break on a 1998 Park Avenue other than just being old?

the failure of the bearings in any of the pulley driven units can cause the belt to break.

How do you check the ac compressor on a ford zx2 2000 the ac clutch pulley is bent from serpentine belt breaking?

The A/C compresor is low on the front of the engine, up inside the engine compartment. I have never heard of a serpentine blt "bending" a pulley... When an idler pulley bearing fails and siezes, it will break a belt. This is most likely the cause of belt failure. If the A/C compressor drive is not turning by hand, this is most likely the cause. There is a bearing on the nose of the compressor that allows the hub to rotate and "drive" the compressor when the clutch is activated. The A/C clutch is replaceable without replacing the entire compressor assembly. Check all the pulleys and make sure another one is not also failed.

What would cause squealing on driver side of kia sedona when accelerating?

idler pulley. Change it now before the serpentine belt breaks. Hard job to do I think?

Why does the serpentine belt On a 95 Pontiac Transport 3800 move forward on the crank damper pulley eat off the front row of nodules?

I encountered the same problem on my 95 Pontiac Transport 3800. An additional problem was every time it rained and the serpentine belt got wet it come off. That was caused by the combination of theTensioner being weak and the Crank Damper pulley which had moved and eating off the front row of nodules. After the local Pontiac dealers Mechanic had diagnosed the Transport, their Service Manager explained to me what the cause of my problem was. The Crank Damper Pulley moving was the primary cause of the serpentine belt moving. Replacement of the Crank Damper Pulley and the Tensioner corrected both the problems. Hope this helps you.

What causes a serpentine belt to shed?

usually the serp. belt will shed because it shifts on one of the ridged pulleys. The most common cause of this is a failing pulley or a bad tensioner.


Most likeyl cause could be a bad pulley

What would cause the lower front pulley on a 1996 Dodge Neon to not turn but all of the others do?

Sounds like the bearing is seized on the lower pulley. Remove the pulley and check the bearing. . John In Montana If you are trying to move the the bottom pulley without a socket it is not easily done ! this is the crankshaft pulley and is connected to the cam by the timing belt ! turning this pulley is in turn trying to turn the whole engine over against the compression of the cylinders ! If your engine is still assembled you can put a socket on the bolt and should be able to turn it with some effort !! if there was an engine problem that brought you to this point , and the engine will not turn over with the socket (or only goes part way) you may have a busted timing belt or a more severe problem internally ! Good Luck ! The lower front pulley should be your a/c compressor. If it is not engaging or cycling you may have to charge with freon. Or the compressor is locked up. Is the belt squeeling? You can bypass the compresssor with a shorter belt to get you by. This pulley is the A/C Compressor - It is common for the compressor to seize up. However, be sure you're looking at the pulley and not the clutch on the outside of the pulley - It will only turn when the Compressor Clutch is engaged. If the Compressor IS locked up, you're serpentine belt will need to be replaced also. The A/C system will need to be drained before the compressor can we removed.

What causes a pulley to wobble?

Things that might cause a pulley to wobble: The pulley is bent. The shaft the pulley is on is bent. The pulley is mounted crooked.

Can an idler pulley cause a car to stall out at a stop?

Probably not usually. For an idler pulley to put so much drag on the belt system that it stalls the engine, it would break or throw the belt altogether before the engine could actually stall.

What may cause a squeaky noise when you accelerate a Honda?

AnswerMy guess would be serpentine drive belt. Also a pulley might be going out or possibly out of may also have a bearing that is about to let go

Why does your 1996 ford windstar pulley still squeaks after it has been replaced?

This may, or may not be applicable, depending on if you had tried replacing the serpentine belt also. One cause for this would be the belt-tensioner has weakened and is not applying sufficient tension on the serpentine belt, allowing it lose traction on the pullies.

Why is the Craftsman 42 deck belt smokes at engine pulley?

A Craftsman 42 deck belt could be smoking because it is rubbing against something. There could also be an oil leak. If you can not find the cause, you should take it to be serviced.

Can you show me a diagram of the serpentine belt on a 2000 Lincoln Continental?

This answer depends on what year you're talking about. A generic guide is below: Remove tension on the belt tensioner and slip the belt off the pulley. The tensioner is the spring loaded mechanisim on a pulley that holds pressure on the belt. Use caution on reinstalling the belt, makesure you replace the belt exactly the same way it came off or you could turn a pulley in reverse and cause your engine to heat up or not charge. There are links in related links.

Do you need to pull the engine to fix a serpentine belt on a dodge grand caravan 2001?

No, the belt can be accessed with a serpentine belt tool from underneath. On the 2001,there is an inspection cover that is located in the front right passenger wheel well. You will have to pull the wheel to get to this panel if working on the ground which allows plenty of room to reach idler pulley & to route belt. As mentioned before,you will need the serpentine belt tool cause it's a very tight fit..& don't forget your jack stand/stands for safety reasons

Is serpentine used as an insulator?

Serpentine used to be used as insulation, but it was discovered to cause lung cancer.

What will shred a serpentine belt on a Buick century?

It might just be age. They tend to crack when the rubber gets brittle. Otherwise, it could be a bad bearing in one of the units, quite likely the tensioner pulley. With the belt off, check to make sure they all turn freely. The tensioner pulley could have a weak spring which would cause the belt to slip over the other pulleys. Dirt on a pulley or a frayed edge could cause this also.

Your Ford escort is shaking loudly and the serpentine belt falls off what do you doI also caused a dent in your front end too That may have something to do with it?

That seems suspiciously like a bent pulley. If any of the pulleys or idlers on the serpentine belt are not running "true" it may vibrate severely and cause the belt to jump.

Your 1996 subaru svx is making a squealing noise mostly when you turn and push on the gas what is it?

The most likely cause of a squeal as you described is the serpentine belt slipping on a pulley. The best way to find the pulley in question is to fire up the car when the engine is fully cooled, then do whatever it takes to make the squeal happen. I.E., if you turn the wheels. Then, after the squeal has happened for about 5 to 10 seconds, turn off the engine and quickly place your hand on all the separate pulleys. The warmest one is your culprit. If it's the alternator, replace it. If it's an idler pulley or the tensioner pulley, you may only need to replace the bearing, not the assembly. Good luck. Gene W. iATN Sponsor.

Why does my Ford Taurus serpentine belt keep getting thew off?

Something is out of line, or you are using a warped belt. Take off and check the idler and also the tensioner pulley. They are most likely to cause belt problems.

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