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One of the lights are out, most lkely the right. But you should check all lights, have some one sit in the car and turn on lghts, hazards, and step on brake while you check them. make sure the bulb are the on from each side or place turn signal and break are not the same replace all with new one leave alone buy next day everything will work find

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โˆ™ 2007-02-03 05:01:10
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Q: What would cause the signals to fail and only operate the left hazard flashers on a 1997 Sebring Lxi?
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What does the multi switch operate on a 1994 grand marquis?

Probably the turn signals , hazard flashers , high beam headlights etc. like it does on my 1995 Ford Explorer

What is wrong when the hazard and turn signals don't come on in a 2002 Chrysler sebring convertible?

turn signals won't work. changed all the bulbs. Hazard lights work. 1999 Chrysler Sebring hardtop

What is the problem if the turn signals work but the hazards do not?

Often, a separate flasher unit is used to activate the hazard flashers. This unit might be bad, or the switch to activate the hazard flashers might be bad. answer always there are 2 for turn signals other for hazard replace hazard flasher They have separate fuses also.

Your blinkers wont work but the hazards do in your 94 acura integra it is a fuse?

There are two different flashers on vehicles. 1 for the turn signals, 1 for the hazard flashers.

Why would your hazard lights work but both turn signals do not work on a Chevy s10 pickup?

hazards and turn signals have separate flashers. replace flasher for turn signals

Ford f 250 Hazard lights work but turn signals do not?

Hazard and turn signals usually use separate flashers, switch the flashers to see if turn signals work and hazards don't, if so replace the flasher you need to replace the blinker flasher unit it is different from the hazard unit they cost about 4 bucks the flasher unit is the big round thing in the fuse panel in the dashboard

Why dont your hazard lights and turn signals work in your 2002 chrysler sebring lx?

I would start with changing the flasher in your fusebox. It's the round looking object in one cornor of the panel. I have all ready changed the flashers and the fuses what can I do now

Turn signals wont work 93 lebaron flasher works for hazard all fuses good but turn signals wont work?

There are two flashers, one for the hazards and one for the signals.

Why does trying to use the turn signal in my 2004 4Runner activate the Hazard flashers?

Double check the wiring diagrams for your vehicle but it's probable the flashers and signals use the same relay to function. The wiring for your flashers will go through the hazard switch which is where the malfunction is. If you replace the switch your problem should be solved.

What do you need to replace to make the turn signals and hazard flashers to work in a 1997 Monte Carlo?

Probably turn signal flasher

2004 Pontiac grand am The turn signals and the hazard flashers both work but when neither one is ingaged the hazard switch unit in dash clicks contiuously Is it the flasher?


97 sebring has brake tail hazard lights but no turn signals and fuses are all good?

Check Flasher and/or switch

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