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Needs lubrication, use only speedo lube from parts house, not motor oil, it is special oil, ask for it.

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Q: What would cause the speedometer of a car to jerk around?
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When theirs a small evop leak would it cause your car to jerk?

a small evap leak would not cause your car to jerk.

What would cause a 1998 Corsa to jerk?

a bod driver

What would cause your 2002 Honda civic to jerk while driving?

A bad tire can cause your 2002 Honda Civic to jerk while driving. A bad ball joint can also cause this issue.

What would cause a 1997 Cobra Mustang to jerk while driven in any gear?

You could have ignition problems if it is the engine causing the jerk.

Why does my car jerk when slowing between 60-65 mph?

There are several problems that could cause your car to jerk when slowing down. The most common cause would be a transmission problem.

Would a bad crank sensor on a jeep cause it to jerk while driving it?


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What would cause your accord to jerk and NOT accelerate at 3000 rpms in each gear?

igniter is possibility

What would cause a 1994 Ford Ranger to jerk and miss at 65 mph?

Weak fuel pump

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Would your catalytic converter cause your car to jerk?

Probably not. A plugged cat would cause a loss of power and the check engine light may come on depending on what year and model vehicle you have.

Does Low motor oil cause car to jerk?


Would a car jerk and have low RPMs because of a dirty fuel filter or bad fuel injector?

Both can cause it.

What would cause a 1995 Nissan Sentra to jerk and lose power while driving?

Sounds like a fuel pump.

What would cause your transmission to jerk when going from neutral to drive in my 200 Pontiac grand am?

Idle speed too high.

What would cause a car to jerk really bad when putting foot on the gas?

When a throttle cable is too tight any slight tap on the gas pedal could cause the car to jerk forward. The throttle cable should be adjusted to allow more play on the pedal.

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What would cause your 99 cougar v6 5 speed to grind on first and kind of jerk?

Clutch may need to be adjusted

What could cause your opel vectra b 2.0 to jerk all through the gears?

Is the speedometer working? The computer controlled transmissions go into a safety mode when the VSS is disconnected. That causes oil pressures to go high, making the shifts much harder.

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What would cause a S10 Chevy pickup to jerk when driving down the road?

Could be spark in the motor, or the distributor and rotor need to be replaced.

What would cause your 1995 subaru legacy to jerk and shake when you turn to the right or left?

could be something with the steering or with the power steering pump.

What would cause a 2004 mercury sable hesitate and jerk during acceleration?

Replace the spark plugs and wires. Replace the fuel filter.