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Problem: T Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Apparently this is a common complaint. We are having the same issue and we've had this repaired over four times - two of those times the repair was done at the dealership. It didn't matter the speedometer started acting out after 3 - 5 days, the very same result I got when I repaired the vehicle with the same exact parts - the only difference was when I repaired it the cost was about $100 in parts but when the dealer did the repairs it cost over $600 and then another $137 after the dealership tried to repair it again. One other difference is that after the dealership initially "fixed the car" the interior lights started shorting out. I advise you to complain to the BBB on line. Even if it was a dealership sale or private - it matters and the number of BBB complaints make a huge difference to KIA (no matter if you see it or not). Lets hope all goes well and we as a group get everything sorted out. My dealership is:

Lazare Lincoln Mercury 144 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12205

Save your money and find a reputable dealership that warranties their workmanship.


Save your money and skip the dealer. This problem is

with your Speed Sensor. It is a common Sephia malady

and can be easily replaced. If you have a junkyard nearby,

I would suggest getting one there. BAD IDEA!

Getting the "speedometer sensor" -BOTH OF THEM, replaced isn't the answer.I just talked to the LizareService Manager "MIKE" and he says"that they may have to do an OVERLAYof the electrical to the "electrical cluster"for $400 - $500 more dollars.I'm not sure who originally had this issuebut for some reason Mike gave me theimpression he thinks it was me...I'd like you to call him at 458-7550 andclarify it so that he knows it wasn'tmy original on line statement.I thank you for your input AND HELP!*PERSONALLY~I'm suspicious that Lizare had a Tech.that had a complete electrical cluster readyto repair your car but over time got rid of itbecause you never returned... All I know isthat I have paid the identical prices you haveand Mike claims I'm the only one with this issue!So PLEASE call him and make him aware of yourname and the reason why you posted it.*MIKE SAID "I HAD THE ONLY KIA SEPHIAEVER WITH THAT PROBLEM AT HIS SERVICECENTER" But when I talked with Mike inthe inception of this problem he stated"It's a common problem"*Oh the tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive**And by the way Mike.... my daughter's car is a1999 KIA Sephia... Not a 2001 as it is stated in theoriginal Internet complaint.

Thanks - Russ

******Post Script: Our vehicle is currently at Lazare Lincoln Mercury 144 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12205. And frankly

speaking I'm going to give them a chance before I remove the car based ON their warranty. That's an honorable approach &

FAIR! It works both ways in this virtual & real world. Did you give them the option of honoring their warranty?

It has been almost 2 weeks since the vehicle was taken in at Lizare.

Mike said he has tried to call Kia and see if there is a known problem

& a better resolve for it but hasn't been able to contact them!

Mike gave me the following number to

KIA Corporate: 800-333-4542

I called and after a few minutes of holding, I got through to a


Apparently they are going to contact the dealer and discuss

the repair warranty and relevant issues & then get back to

me... Let's see what becomes of this action....

2009-10-01 20:07:17
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