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You need to check all your wireing from your battery to you silenoid to your starter you might have a bad connection some where. Clean the battery posts really good and the battery terminals. I fixed mine by scraping the battery post with a knife after using battery cleaner. I thought I had to change the starter, but that's all it was- the dirty post.

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Q: What would cause the starter motor on a 1995 Isuzu Trooper not to turn but make a clicking noise even though the battery is fully charged?
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1992 Ford Festiva will not start and there is clicking but that's it How do you know if its the starter battery or alternator?

If there is clicking, that means the car has power from the battery so the altenator and the battery are good. I would suggest that the starter is gone bad. It will eventually grind away to where there is no clicking.

Car tries to start and makes clicking noise at same time?

Most often this is a result of a bad battery or loose connections from the battery to the starter. It could also be the result of a bad starter, but most often its just a battery that needs charged or jump started.

Charged battery for serveral hours but car still wont start and makes a clicking sound?

change the battery every time I've had that it's been the battery the likely problem is not the battery but the solenoid that is attached to the starter motor

2005 ford focus the car is making a clicking noise and the lights are flashing but the car will not start?

you need to make sure battery is fully charged, and battery cables are tight and clean the clicking sound indicates poor connections,flat battery or a bad starter motor

Clicking and will not start?

Could be the battery is drained or bad. Could be battery connections at battery and or starter are dirty and or loose. Could be starter solenoid is bad. Could be starter is bad.

Why is the starter clicking and not cranking in a 1996 Chrysler cirrus?

Discharged battery.

Why is 1994 Isuzu Rodeo starter clicking. The starter solenoid clicks then the starter motor engages. HAYNES quotes problem is battery or starter solenoid contacts or starter motor connections.Ideas?

either clean and tighten cable connections or get battery tested. if not the battery, it is the solenoid or the starter If it is clicking and not starting at first, but starts after a few tries, its your starter taking a dump. Replace it.

Why does your starter just make a clicking noise?

If it is a single click, the problem is either a loose battery cable or a faulty starter relay/solenoid. If the symptom is rapid clicking, the battery is probaly low.

What will would stop a car not start but makes a clicking sound at the starter motor?

dead battery bad starter solenoid bad starter loose or corroded battery or starter cables

Toyota MR2 wont start clicking noise whentrying What is wrong?

dead battery or bad starter (with the clicking, I'm 95% sure its the battery)

Why does your focus make a clicking sound when the key is turned but the enginedoesnt turn over?

Bad Battery: the clicking is the starter solenoid relay making contact but the battery is not putting out enough amps to turn the starter

Battery charge car won't start just clicking noise?

If the battery is fully charged and tests okay, check both ends of battery cables to be sure they are clean and tight. If you still get only a click the starter may be at fault.

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