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What would cause the trans to say its slipping when it is not on a 98 Pontiac transport?


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December 08, 2007 4:15AM

Maybe I shouldn't be answering this one, because it is a little ambiguous for me, so I'll answer in a couple of ways. If you mean that you have installed it in a different vehicle then a 98, it could very well be slipping because it has a sensor that informs the computer as to what is happening with it. The trans shifting has to be relearned by the computer. This is just one more area of self presivation the dealerships use. They charge a fortune just to take the vehicle out on a relearn mission, which anyone can do if they have access to the information as to how to do it. Second since the trans shifting is controlled by the computer, and it's not getting that response back, the computer may be getting confused, and simply just calls the lack of response to mean that the trans is not doing what it is being told to do. Even though the computer is mostly in control, there is still a modulator valve ( like the old trans had ) that plays a part in the shifting, and or slipping.