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What would cause the turn signal in '99 Tahoe to keep blowing fuses?

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1998 cavalier and why is it blowing fuses when we use it signal lights?

There is a short in the signal light circuit.

Chevy Tahoe blowing fuses?

yes i can answer what is shorting the chevey tahoe fuses theres a promblem with the starter wires moving and touch and grounding on to the starter remove starter and adjust wirers

What would cause the signal lights to not work in a 1995 Ford Contour?

have you checked the fuses?

How can my signal lights stop blowing fuses the left turn signal does not blow fuses the right side and hazard flashers blow fuses everytime bulbs relay underhood electrical plug ins to bulbs test o.k?

Check the wiring for damage or grounding problems and thoroughly examine the trailer plug if you have one. If you can't find any problems there, check the turn signal switch.

Where is turn signal fuses located on Mercury Capri 1993?

The turn signal fuses are located in the fuse box. The turn signal fuses will be in the second column, third from the top.

What do you do if the fuses keep blowing?

Find out why the fuse is blowing. You have a short or the circuit is overloaded.

What would cause the dash light fuse blows in 96 cavalier?

you probally have a bad wire that is shorting out and blowing your fuses.

In a 1994 Chrysler Intrepid what is the cause of the dash panel not working aside from the signal lights?

check fuses

Were do you find out what amps does a Chevy Tahoe take for a cigrate lighter takes?

i have a 2001 Chevy Tahoe 5.3 fuel injected vortex and my cigarette lighter keeps blowing out. i replaced it with 15 amps fuses but it keeps burn it out. i just want to no if that the right amps for this car

Why does my headlight fuses keep blowing out on your 2005 dodge ram pickup 1500 v8?

Short in the wiring is the most likely cause.

Why does your heater and air keep blowing fuses cannot run it without blowing fuses?

There is an electrical short to ground in the fan switch or in the blower motor itself.

Why is 50 amp engine fuses blowing?

The 50 ampere engine fuses is blowing because more than 50 amperes of electricity is passing through it.

What would cause both the turn signal and brake light fuses to blow on a 2001 Ford Escape?

short circuits in the turn signal and brake light circuits

Cause fuses keep blowing Honda?

If fuses keep blowing on your Honda, you likely have a short somewhere. You can get a multimeter and a copy of the wiring diagram so you can track down the short, or you can have a mechanic do it. If you've recently installed anything new such as a radio or a gauge or switch, that would be where you want to start.

Why do your auto fuses keep blowing?

could be that the regulator in the alternate is failing and causing power surges in the electronics and the fuses are blowing to prevent damage to the device and vehicles wiring.

No turn signal or hazzard lights the fuses are good what could be the cause?

bad wiring in your steering column to the hand control?

What would cause your air conditioner to stop blowing and at the same time cause your radio not to come on?

sounds like just a blown fuse. get you owners manaual out and find the listings for the fuses.

Can a under body wash on a 82 would it cause problem s blowing fuel pump fuses blowing?

Answer: Depends if its a VW or a Ford. Vehicle undercarriages can be washed. External components are covered to keep mud and moisture away from electrical connections and wiring. The fuses are also covered from outside elements.

The motor comp fuse keeps blowing in your 93 maxima shutting the car down?

Which fuse ... please be more specific. There are lots of fuses that can cause this.

What to do when signal lights are not working?

Either hand signal or check and replace your fuses and turn signal bulbs.

Why 99 Tahoe cruise control don't work?

check the third light and brake lights, check the fuses, if all are ok then change the multi- fuction switch aka turn signal switch.

What would cause the fuses to keep blowing for the turn signals?

A short somewhere in the wiring, an incorrectly installed bulb, damaged horn ring assembly, etc.

Got an 1987 Nissan maxima and the damned thing keeps blowing the fuses for the dash lights and everything goes cause one fuse keeps blowing....any suggestions?

short in the wiring behind your aftermarket radio

Why does your oven keep blowing fuses?

If an oven keeps blowing fuses it points to an electrical problem. This problem could be with the oven itself, it may be something in the house. In either case, you should have the wiring checked out.

Tail light fuse short 89 Mazda mpv?

Are your dash light off also? Is that circuit blowing fuses? If your not blowing fuses, then your turn signal/headlight switch is going bad. It cost abour $60 for a new one which is a sub unit of the column levers used to activate light/wipers/lights/headlights. Don't let them sell you the whole unit, it cost about $300.