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I have a 94 caprice that does this. Apparently it is either that speed only on the wiper motor that has a problem or the relay for the high speed may have failed and the motor may be ok. As it is a noncritical issue I haven't worried too much about it. If I find out more I will update this.

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Q: What would cause the windshield wipers to freeze in position when the switch is flipped to the high speed and how can they be repaired?
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Why does cold windshield become covered with ice when struck by raindrops?

If the temperature windshield is below the freezing point of water, droplets of water will be chilled on contact with the windshield and freeze.

Why should you not put hot water on your car's windshield to melt the ice formed on a cold winter day?

The water will seep down into your windshield, freeze, and then crack/break your windshield due to it expanding while inside your windshield.

Would tube socks put on the windshield wipers actually freeze to the windshield themselves?

I use to put cardboard on the glass under the wipers, leaving the wipers laying on the cardboard to hold it in place. Unless it is raining, the cardboard does not get soggy, and does not freeze to the windshield and the wipers do not freeze to the cardboard. I lived in PA for 38 years so I have dealt with ice and snow. Then I wised up and moved here to Arizona. 70 degrees today..................sorry to tell you! You could also put a sheet of plastic between the wipers and windshield. You have to start with a dry windshield and wipers so the plastic or cardboard does not freeze to either.

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Can you put ordinary water on your windshield washer?

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Liquid anti freeze is used in windshield wiper fluid, in coolant for engines, HVAC chillers and solar water heaters. Anti freeze is also used in a component that defrosts airline wings.

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Moisture in the passenger cabin will cause the inside of the windshield to freeze up, during the winter time. The defroster should take care of this problem.

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Can you dilute pre mixed windshield washer fluid with water?

Yes, although it will lose some freeze protection and cleaning ability

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