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What would cause water to leak from plugs above the gearbox?


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The only water that should be leaking from an automobile would be from the condensation drain for the Air Conditioning or from condensation out the exhaust pipe.


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The only time I have ever had water on my plugs in ANY motor is because of water in the cylinder.Check your oil for water and pray you don't have a bad head gasket.been there done that.

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In the lower unit or gearbox

there are 8 freeze plugs on the water jacket and 6 oil freeze plugs however you will have to pull the engine to get to the back of the motor to replace the 3 oil and 2 of the water jacket plugs

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There are a couple possibilities for foam in a gearbox. Gear oil is created with an anti-foaming additive in it, so if the fluid starts to break down because of normal wear, then it will start to foam. The solution is easy. Just change the fluid. The second option is that it got water in it, and the water will cause a foam. Also, just change the fluid.

tRY SPRAYING THE RUN CHANNELS WITH SILICONE. I can almost guarantee that water is getting into the motor/gearbox housing and freezing . If the motor works when the temp. is above freezing then this is probably the cause. You will have to dismantle and reseal the motor or better yet replace it with a new one.

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