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Try clreaning or replacing your faucet aerator. The faucet doesnt remember the words.

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Q: What would cause whistling in a kitchen sink faucet?
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What would cause a kitchen faucet to turn on by itself?

Nothing, it can not do that .

What would cause the kitchen faucet to keep running?

The rubber stop washer has failed.

What would make soap bubbles come out of the kitchen faucet?

If you have bubbles coming out of your kitchen faucet, you have a venting problem. It has nothing to do with soap in your faucet.

What would cause the kitchen faucet to stop running water?

Someone may have shut off the water to that faucet, or a pipe may have froze, or there may be air in the pipe.

Can a kitchen faucet sprayer be installed without installing a new faucet?

No, if the current faucet doesn't have a sprayer, there is no place on the faucet to attach the sprayer. It would attach on the underneath side of the faucet in the center.

Why would just the kitchen faucet sputter when first turned on and no others?

If this faucet has a spray hose, turn on the faucet and open the spray hose.This will adjust the diverter in the kitchen faucet to the spray and pressureize the hose.This will allow the faucet to equilize and the sputter will stop if the spray diverter is working. It could be that the diverter part in the faucet is defective.

What Kitchen faucet that starts with the letter h?

The hot water faucet starts with h. Or a brand name would be Hansgrohe.

What would cause low water pressure in a bathtub faucet?

The faucet is clogged

What would cause a whistling noise in a 1994 Pontiac grand am?

A whistling noise indicates a vacuum leak.

Why would you lose water pressure in the kitchen faucet?

the aerator could be clogged

How much water is wasted if a faucet is left running for only three minutes?

It all depends what faucet is running if it is a kitchen or lavatory faucet it would be roughly 3 gallons if it was a tub and shower faucet it would roughly 15 gallons

What would cause water pressure to drop at only 1 sink?

A clogged aerator on the end of the faucet would cause the water flow to decrease in that faucet.

What would cause a kitchen faucet to whistle?

Try taking the aerator off the end of the spout and cleaning the screen. Usually it is because something is restricting the flow of the water.

Is it easy for someone to replace a kitchen faucet?

Since it is dealing with water lines that will be attached to the faucet I would call someone to come in and do it. You could potentially break a water valve and damage your floors and kitchen. Best of luck.

Why would a kitchen Faucet run for a second when turned off?

To drain the water that is in the pipe or spout..

Why would water in kitchen faucet stop running intermittently?

Most likely, air in the line.

What would cause whistlingin afutchen faucet?

excessive velocity

Can a toilet clean a PS2 disc?

It's possible for the running water to wash it, but so would a kitchen faucet

What would the pressure in your kitchen faucet be low if all other sinks in the house are fine?

Most of the newer kitchen faucets have "flow restrictors" to limit water use.

Why is your hot water supply kitchen faucet intermittent?

Mine is fine! Yours is where the problem is. There is too little information here to answer the question. Troubleshooting would be to start at the faucet and work backwards until the cause is found. Are we talking water that starts and stops or hot water that runs out and becomes cold?

Is whistling voluntary or involuntary?

voluntary, you cause your lips to form the shape to whistle, and cause the air to be pushed out. if whistling were involuntary, you would do it without making an effort (like your heart pumping, digesting things, etc)

Why would a newly replaced kitchen faucet leak for a bit after turning water off?

Water in the spout. Perfectly normal.

Can a moen 7400 kitchen faucet be installed without the spray operational?

Get a cap for the connection the spray hose would attach to.

In a Windstar van what would cause a persistent whistling sound if not the belts or the brakes?

vacuum leak

What would cause water to flow from a faucet when it is turned off?

There are different types of closers for a faucet, rubber seats,O rings, port valves, what ever kind is in your faucet,it is bad. If you have the model of your faucet,you can go to lowes and buy a rebuild kit for it.