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Most likely the heater core is leaking. If there is also water on the floor and an antifreeze smell in the passenger compartment, those are also signs of a cracked heater core. Also, GET THAT TEMP GAUGE FIXED!!! You could be overheating and not even know it. Once the motor overheats, you're risking a blown head gasket, a VERY EXPENSIVE repair, or even worse, a blown engine. If steam is coming out of the vents it is very possible the motor is overheating. You need two repairs, your heater core and your temperature gauge.

My heater core was replaced since it had a hole in it. The blower was also replaced but with a used one. The guage is now working and so far, no more white smoke. Heater does not get hot though and the blower motor is very loud. Hey, ya gotta laugh a little...from one thing to another. I suppose the worse thing is over. Thank the Lord though I did not have a new car since the guy that worked on it did a number on my dash.

Symptom: on a 2000 Ford Contour, white smoke came through the vents and the smeel was acrid. We switched the car off. A few hours later, the car was fine, no more smoke, but the heater didn't work on one speed setting.

Solution: there is a resistor block which controls the blower speed in the ducting. When one of the resistors goes, white smoke is fed dirrectly up to the vents. Replacement is easy (admittedly while doing a head stand in the passenger footwell) and fairly cheap.

Suggestion: many other cars will have a similar layout. Check this out before investing in a new heater core...

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Q: What would cause white smoke to come out of heater vents?
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White smoke coming from the air vents of a 1991 ford tempo?

replace the heater core

Why is there a smell of antifreeze and white smoke coming through the vents of your 1997 Toyota Camry?

heater core

Why does air or white smoke come out of the front vents?

Either the a/c system is freezing up or you have a leaking heater core.............

What does it mean when antifreeze smelling white smoke is coming from defroster vents and engine is overheating?

heater core is shot and you have to get a new one

What can cause white smoke inside your car?

It could be steam from the heater core

Why does white smoke come out of your vents when you turn on your heater in your car?

If it is smoke the heater fan motor has failedORElectronics in the heater have failed ORif it smells like anti freeze rather than smoke the heater core has failed.

My 1998 Durango is blowing white smoke out the vents and moisture on the windows but it is not antifreeze can anyone tell me why?

in my experience it is a slight leak in heater core it will be antifreeze causing this replace heater core and problem will be fixed

Is the heater core bad when white smoke comes from the vents when the air is on and it smell like antifreeze in a 1997 Ford F-150?

Almost 100% certainty

What can cause white smoke from exhaust when heater is on?

I feel these are unrelated but you can investigate a leak in the hoses leading to the heater core as they maybe leaking onto the exhaust pipe, that would produce white smoke, but not from within the tailpipe exhaust. Water and oil leaks will produce white smoke the smell will help you determine which it is.

What can cause white smoke coming out of vents?

That is probably antifreeze steam. Your heater core is a small radiator used to heat your car. The engine heats the antifreeze and circulates it through the heater core. Your blower blows heat through the core (radiator) into the car, and warms you. If the core gets a small leak, it will put out steam.

What is wrong and what should be done if a car emits white smoke from the air vents even if AC and heat are turned off?

Heater core needs to be checked May need to be changed or cleaned answer heater core is bad, replace with a new one

What does Bad smell and white smoke from air con vents and brown slippery fluid leaking from underneath of 1999 Eddie Bauer expedition indicate?

Leaking heater core. It will need to be replaced.

What causes smoke from vent in Toyota Previa 1993?

== == Could possibly be a heater core leak. Coolant is getting blown up through the vents when you have the heater on. May need to do a heater core check and replace. if you have the a A C on it means that your A C freon its leaking, also if you run the AC on with one window open it will create smoke fron the humidity coming in to the car if it's white somke it's dangerous "cause it will put you to sleep while you drive and you will not feel it..

Fine white smoke coming from air vents in a 1998 ford expedition with an oily substains on drive floor also same substains comes out of floor vent. What could this be?

A fine mist coming from the air system is engine coolant. The most common cause is a leaking heater core.

Can a bad thermostat cause white smoke?

Not directly, but it can crack or blow your head gasket. (Which will cause white smoke) Happened to me =(

Can unburnt fuel cause white smoke and why?

white smoke is water, black smoke is oil. remember that!

White smoke after start up from a Chevy big block also your heater core went out on you and is leaking?

white smoke indicates coolant in the ignition chamber. check for blown head gasket heater core has 2 fixes. install a new heater core, or disconnect heater hoses from heater core and join them together so coolant will flow.2nd fix will completely stop heater from working

What is the white smoke coming out of the vents inside your 1998 Lincoln Navigator?

Could be an incorrect refrigerant charge in a/c system

Why do you have white smoke coming out of your van ac vent only when it is on?

White smoke with the a/c on means that the a/c system is freezing up and you need to check the pressure switch........... White smoke with the a/c off means that you have a leaking heater core........

If you 1968 Ford sometimes shunts smoke in through the cab of your car and it smells like antifreeze but you think it might be CO2 what can you do?

You may have an exhaust leak that is coming up through the bottom of the cab. Burning antifreeze smells different than anitfreeze in the bottle--burning antifreeze smells somewhat sweet, when i was a kid i thought it smelled like the doughnut shop. Burning anitfreeze will also make white smoke, and your coolant level will always be going down. It is often caused by a leaking head gasket. CO2 is carbon dioxide. I think you might be thinking of CO which is carbon monoxide--the oderless, deadly gas. If this gas you are talking about is coming through your heater vents, you may have a bad heater core. Either way, it needs to be fixed. While the above statement is partly corret, in that buring anti-freeze smelling somewhat sweet, and also make white smoke come as coolant level drops, neither CO2 or CO have any particular odor. If your 68 ford was leaking coolant onto an exhaust pipe, it may cause symptoms similar to what you are describing... A fault heater core will cause you to have no heat and a wet floor, not white smoke... I would suspect heater core. When I had that issue in a 69 Torino, the antifreeze would spray onto resistors for fan speed and fog up the windows appearing to be white smoke. It is not easy to replace a heater core, entire heater needs to be dropped down under the dashboard.

What can cause white smoke from the coolant?

white smoke from coolant usually indicates oil in coolant,this usually means a blown headgasket

What would cause white smoke to come out of the tailpipe after the car sat for months?

White smoke is a symptom of a blown head gasket.

What can cause the white smoke on your BMW?

overheating of the engine.

Will water in diesel fuel cause truck to blow white smoke?

It can.

Why does your heater only blow hot air out the defroster and not out the vents in the dash 1987 Suzuki Samurai?

That is actually how the vehicle was designed. If you look at the selector knob for the vents you'll notice that the arrows pointing down and for the windshield are white and the vents for the dash are blue. Basically, you can defrost and warm your feet and that's it