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First, I'm always concerned with someone who wants a baby because he or she is "bored". People often use that term when they don't understand that their REAl problem is clinical depression. If you characterize yourself as bored, perhaps it would be good to talk with a counselor before you bring a life into the world. Many people who believe that a child would make their lives better find that the opposite is true. A child can end up being a real problem to someone who is depressed or easily bored. Once you have a child you find that you can't do many of the things that you do now without thinking twice about it. On the other hand, if your boyfriend is not even ready to commit to a marriage, what makes you think that he'll think a child is a good idea? Yes, he may agree with you "Intellectually", but at an emotional level, is he really ready for such an overwhelming change in his life? Remember that once you have a child, your life isn't really your own any more. You're responsible for that person, no matter what you want for yourself and no matter how wonderful or how rotten the child turns out to be.

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Q: What would cause you to want a baby so bad if you're 21 and make decent money and have a great boyfriend but you want something more with your life because you are really bored?
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