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What would cause your 1989 Chevy 1500 Suburban to go through one fuel sending unit after another?


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2004-10-30 10:28:29
2004-10-30 10:28:29

I had the same problem with my 1987 'burb with the optional large fuel tank. There was a baffle around the fuel sending unit that supposedly dampens the wave in the tank so that the fuel guage is steady. That baffle broke loose and results in the sending unit getting battered. The dealer tried to tell me that it was ice in the tank (northern climate) that was destroying the sending unit and I should consider buying better gas. After a couple more events and a lot of bucks (GM claimed it was still my fault) they finally discovered the problem. The solution is to remove the baffle. The fuel gauge does not bounce. ..Gerry


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Your fuel sending unit is in the gas tank, mounted from the top.

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It is inside of the fuel tank. You will have to remove the tank to service it.

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