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There could be a pinhole air leak in the fuel line somewhere, or somehow a very large air bubble interrupted flow of fuel to the engine. (Did the problem start right after a fuel filter change? Check to be sure the filter was seated right and the hoses are on tight!) When my TDI acts up, I turn over the engine for 10 seconds, then let the battery rest for 10-15 seconds, then turn it over again and repeat until the line's reprimed with fuel. Sometimes this does the trick but not for a true fuel leak- only when I have enough of an air bubble the the engine can't quite work past it easily, or when the fuel's been drained out of the line for some reason (fuel filter change, etc.) It helps if you have a friend who can watch the clear fuel line as you crank the engine. If you see a few bubbles in there - no big. But, if you see a big bubble, or the bubble's not disappearing and fuel isn't coming down the line at all (the bubbles that are there aren't moving) or..worse yet, the line is white, not diesel-fuel yellow you may have a fuel pump problem. Does the car throw any error codes? Is your Engine Light on? You can get a handheld code reader for about $40 online.

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Q: What would cause your 2004 TDI that is current on service schedule to sputter die and fail to restart as if it is out of fuel?
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