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What would cause your 89 prelude automatic tranny to vibrate 50-55 mph between shifts up hill?

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gears are slipping or not enuff fluid in transmission

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Is there any difference between a manual and automatic engine?

there isn't a difference cause theres no such thing as a automatic or manual engine. there is such thing as a manual transmission aka trans. and a automatic trans. the automatic shifts by hydrolic pressure that increases when acclurating. and a manual trans the person driving the vehical shifts the gears with a lever. i hope that's what you wanted to know.

What is the difference between auto and manual GEARBOXES?

Automatic and Manual gearboxes are essentially the same, except that the driver does the shifting for a manual gearbox(my personal preference), and a computer shifts for an automatic gearbox.

Is there an automatic 3 wheeler transmission that shifts automatically?

yes there is

What does it mean when a automatic vehicle shifts hard at times?

time for rebuild of the tran.

Where is the vacuum line running to the transmission in a 1984 camaro Z28?

It runs to the modulator valve from the intake manifold. Its what makes an automatic trany shift thru the gears. Low vacum = quick shifts and High vacum = long between shifts.

Are 2001 Chevy cavaliers automatic or stick shifts?

The Chevy Cavalier vehicle can be either an automatic or a stick shift. You can switch an automatic over to a stick shift by switching out the transmission.Ê

How do you know what type of transmission you have?

If you shift manually, you have a manual transmission. If your car shifts for you, you have an automatic.

Which gear is the safest to be in when starting a car?

Park for automatic transmissions, and Neutral for stick shifts.

How many hours can you be required to work in a 24 hour period And how many hours are required between shifts in Utah?

between shifts would be about like an 20 minute period time between shifts

What is automatic transmission?

An automatic transmission is a type of car transmission that shifts gears on its own. Therefore, cars with automatic transmissions will not have a clutch pedal and will have a selector lever as opposed to a shift knob.

How do you shift a semi?

You push in the clutch and shift. But some are automatic and it shifts itself. Hands free!

What does a modulator spool in a transmission?

If you are asking the function of a modulater valve,it is to smooth out the shifts in an automatic transmission.

What is an automatic transmission?

An automatic transmission is a mechanical transmission which shifts gears automatically in response to speed and/or load rather than requiring someone to do so manually.

Does an automatic car have a clatch?

I think you mean a clutch, and yes, all cars have clutches. in an automatic car, the clutch is controlled by the computer, just like the shifts.

What is the difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission in a car or truck?

an automatic transmission shifts through the 4 or 5 gears for you as you accelerate. a manual transmission must be shifted by hand using a shifter and a clutch (located next to the left of the brake pad).

What makes a 1999 silverado 4.3L auto vibrate when it shifts into overdrive?

First you need to have a feeling of where the vibration is comming from(tranny,tires,etc).

Are Large red shifts within galaxies or between them?

Between them.

Are there mini cooper's that aren't stick shifts?

No, but most of them are. You can find ones that are automatic at the mini cooper website.

Does two men and a truck use stick shifts?

Some of their trucks are, and some use the Allison automatic.

Will an automatic transmission downshift properly with a bad pcm?

If the pcm controls the transmission the shifts could be inaccurate.

Would shifting from first second to third on an automatic damage the car while accelerating?

A car with an automatic transmission shifts itself from 1st to 2nd to 3rd when you accelerate. You don't need to shift it...that's why they call it automatic.

What does Automatic Transmission mean?

It means that you do not have stick shift in your car, your car shifts gears for you, you don't have to do it, so basically if you don't have a stick shift car you have an automatic transmission car.

How can you fix slight grind when trucks automatic transmission shifts up to 2nd?

Probably need to rebuild the transmission.

What would cause your car to hesitate before it shifts into gear The car is an automatic Oldsmobile?

low trans fluid level.

Hard shifting jetta automatic transmission?

my 98 vw jetta atuo shifts hard in first but fine in 2,3

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