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need more info. year and engine size? Most likely a bad sensor sending incorrect info back to the computer which sensor depends on year. It is a 1991 Camaro RS V6 3.1

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Is this a good block 5.7 LG SGI 14101148?

That engine came factory in the 87 camaros. It is not a junk engine but it is NOTHING special either. So I guess you could say it is a all right engine.

Do 1983 V6 Camaros have an electric fuel pump?

No, THey have a mechanical pump on the side of the engine.

Why does the service engine light blink on a 98 Camaro 3.8 liter?

check your fluids my camaros light was on and i ignored it i blew my engine

Is a 3.1 camaro or 3.4 camaro faster?

The 3.1 engine in the third generation Camaros came from the factory with 140 hp. The 3.4 engine in the fourth generation Camaros came from the factory with 160 hp. The 3.4 also has a bit more torque. So, therefore, the 3.4l engine should definitely be faster.

What is the difference between a Ls1 and a Z28?

LS1 is a GM engine, Z/28 is (was) an option package on Camaros.

Did the late 2002 ss Camaros have Z06 engines in them?

No Camaro ever came from GM with the Z06 engine

What happens when you take the catalytic converter off your ford engine?

You ultimately gain nothing, and your check engine light remains on constantly. If you're in a state which requires vehicle inspections, it will fail.

How do you derive Engine RPM from revolution counter reading?

How to derive Engine RPM from revolution counter reading?

Which is faster the 91 Camaro rs v8 or a 92 mustang?

There are many different kinds of camaros and mustang depending on the engine what one is faster

Can you put a v8 in a 1995 Camaro with a v6 in it now?

The 1995 Z28 camaro has a v8 engine in it. That engine is a ctually a steel version of the corvette engine. Since there are 1995 camaros with v8 engines in them, you can probably fit a v8 into your car.

What should the engine compression be for a 2 liter Mazda engine?

All the cylinders should be within 10% from the lowest reading to the highest reading for a healthy engine.

Does the Mach 5 from speed racer have a Chevolet Camaro Engine?

Yes , the 350 LT-1 has been used in Camaros as well as the Z28, B4C and SS versions . (A remarkable engine for a short-block .) 350 LT-1

What problems would a bad ambient air sensor in 06 dodge 1500 do?

Check engine light and an improper reading in the overhead console.Check engine light and an improper reading in the overhead console.

When did the Camaro switch to fuel injection?

Chevy swtitched some of Camaros to fuel injection in the mid 1980's. By 1988 every Camaro engine came with Fuel injection.

Did any of the camaros come with out efi?

yes, there are some in the 90's that made them. searching a specific year over google you can probabaly find the specs for each year and engine types. I know that the 1991 Z28 came with that specic engine

What could cause the cooling fan to run constantly on a 1996 Pontiac sunfire GT with a 2.4 engine?

If the AC is on constantly, the fan will be on constantly. If that's not it, it mught be the fan relay or the temperature sensor.

What causes the fuel pump to constantly stay on for a 1994 Chevrolet S10 blazer?

As long as the engine is running, it is normal for the fuel pump to run constantly.

What does code reading P1684 means?

What does code reading P1684 means for dodge neon car when you scan the engine

Why would your spark plugs be loose?

the engine is constantly vibrating and it dislodges the spark plugs

What is earth's external heat engine?

The Earth's external heat engine is the Sun. It constantly emits light, heat, and energy which are absorbed by the Earth.

Have a tipping from topend of engine?

if it is constantly ticking it can be you valves that need re adjusting on the head which is on the top of your engine, best to get it checked out by a mechanic to be sure

How many Chevrolet 1977 Camaros had 6-cylinder engine and column shift?

GM never kept records on such cars but rest assured a column-shift on a Camaro of that vintage is quite rare

What kind of cars have a 3.4 Engine in them?

GM cars from the 1993+, they included Camaros, firebird, lumina, old cutlass, Pontiac grand prix and monte carlos. Toyota had a 3.4L V6 in suv and trucks.

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