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sounds like just a blown fuse. get you owners manaual out and find the listings for the fuses.

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βˆ™ 2004-06-18 08:36:05
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Why would a 2003 Focus keep blowing the radio fuse as soon as you put it in the fuse box?

Check to make sure that your power wire on the radio is not grounding to the body of the radio. this will cause a short and thus blow the fuse.

What would cause a air conditioner on 2001 chrysler town and country to never stop blowing unless vehicle is off?

The blower motor resistor/power module has failed.

What would you be annoyed that the valet cranked up in your car?

radio, heat, air conditioner

Why does your home air conditioner keep blowing fuses?

If they are blowing instantly as soon as the unit tries to start that usually indicates a defective compressor. If they only blow once in awhile that could be a number of things and would require a competent ac tech to have a look at it to determine and repair the cause.

Would a battery going bad cause a fuse to keep blowing out?

not usually!!if fuse is blowing out check for short!!

Would a bad alternator cause your air conditioner to blow warm air?

A bad alternator will cause a battery to go bad. It does not have an effect on the air conditioner.

What would cause the air conditioner to just to all of a sudden quit working on a 2003 dodge caravan sport?

A more detailed explanation of the symptoms would have to be given in order for a determination to be made. As is, the question leaves us no indication of whether it's not blowing air period, or it it's blowing hot air, or what it's doing exactly.

Why would a window air conditioner be on but not blowing out any air or warm air?

It could need recharged or the damper might not be closed.

What would cause the AC to stop blowing in your 2002 ZX2?

i know the AC in my ZX2 stopped blowing because of a loose wire

What would cause a 2001 Hyundai tiburon's air conditioner to malfunction?

There are many ways for a Hyundai tiburon's air conditioner to mulfunction.

What would Prevailing winds blowing from the ocean to a continental region do?

Cause humidity

Cause fuses keep blowing Honda?

If fuses keep blowing on your Honda, you likely have a short somewhere. You can get a multimeter and a copy of the wiring diagram so you can track down the short, or you can have a mechanic do it. If you've recently installed anything new such as a radio or a gauge or switch, that would be where you want to start.

Why would heater and air conditioner stop blowing air in a 1998 dodge neon?

blower motors bad check fuse bore replacing

What reasons would cause your home air conditioner unit to cut off?

no electricity

Why is the air conditioner not cooling the house properly?

If the air conditioner is on but not cooling the house properly, you may have a leak in your duct work. A leak would allow all of the cold air to escape, blowing into the outdoors instead of cooling your house.

Would to much freon leaking out of your air conditioner affect it and how?

Yes it would and it would cause the a/c not to cool and even worse it can cause damage to the a/c unit as well.........

What would cause a vehicle to shudder when air conditioner is on?

Clutch bearing may be going out on kompressor.

Why would your air conditioner run fine for hours then all of a sudden make funny noises and start blowing hot air?

Because there's something wrong with it.

Why would the air conditioner fuse keep blowing in a 2000 Chevy S 10?

Assuming the heater works fine, you have a short, probably in the AC compressor clutch.

Why would a car air conditioner start blowing warm air after running for several minutes?

Chances are your air conditioner is low or out of coolant. You can go to AutoZone, Napa, Advance Auto, or numerous other do it yourself car repair stores and have it checked out.

How do I fix air conditioner problems?

First, I would check and change my filter. A clogged filter will block the air coniditioner from blowing cold air. If that does not work, I would call an air conditioning specialist.

what would cause the music on the radio to break up in a 92 Lexus?

A loose wire in the speaker system would cause the music on the radio to break up in a 92 Lexus. The music will also break up if you do not have very good radio reception where you are at.

What would cause a fuel pump fuse to keep blowing up?

it has a short somewhere in the electrical line

What would cause heater to stop blowing on 2006 caravan?

Fuse, switch, speed resistor or motor.

What would cause a truck air conditioner to blow hot all the time?

Probably leaking freon.