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Check your oil to make sure your coolant isn't getting into or past gaskets into the oil. Then purge your coolant system you may have an airlock. If that isn't it then replace the thermostat. Before one can more accuratly answer this question, he would have to know if the water your losing is external or internal. Are you seeing any leaks? or are you just noticing the level in the reservior is down? Coolant in oil is an indication of an internal leak, which may or may not have anthing to do with the headgasket job. Since your in traffic, there is a chance the cooling fan is not kicking on, and the coolant may be coming out of the overflow reservior.

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Q: What would cause your car to overheat when running in traffic and lose water after the head gasget was replaced a month ago?
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What causes gas to into oil?

a cracked gasget could cause that

Is there soposed to be a gasget on the intake and the exzost manafolds?

Yes, both.

What can you use in place of a gasget?

copper sheet/if the cylinder head is a small one

Geo Metro blown head gasget?

its mostly likely aluminum they get worn out get a new one

Why does your 02 Toyota Camry smoke when first cranked?

possibly the head gasget depending on mileage

We replace valve cover gasget oil leaking into plugs?

Try replacing oil filler cap.

97 GMC sierra oil leak?

oil pan gasget or it can be the vavel cove gasget. but if you wash the engain with egain cleaner to get the dirt and oil of it thatn run the enganin to see where the leak is. but becareful of the power stuf when you are washing the engain or you well have more problums

Water leaking in behind dash of 92 wrangler Should you replace windshield gasket?

i had the same problem-yesterday i changed the gasget on the windsheild. seemed to work...

Why is my vauxhall astra still overheating even after I have changed the split hosepipe?

sometimes hoses and components such as heater units etc blow when the head gasget is on the way out

What could be leaking if you found an oil leak in the undercarriage on your 2001 Mercedes Benz?

I have a 2000 e320, the oil filter gasget leaks just prior to the need to be changed.

What are the torque settings for a vauxhall astra 1.6 1999 envoy head gasget eng code x16szr?

You will need an angle guage from halfords or local motor shop,only about

05 Ford turbo diesel with tailpipe steam. If not head gasget what else could it be?

here is hoping it is a head gasket. it could also be a cracked block,or a cracked head.

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