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Your front tires are not balanced. Take it to a garage and have the front tires balanced. It is also possible that your front tires are defective, look for side wall cracks and balges on tire tread.


if your ballance it fine have your rotors checked and make shore there is no grease on inside of wheel. if rear wheel drive check your u joints

you could have loose tie rod ends or ball joints what you have is calle c shimmy have it checked asap you could have a serious accident

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Q: What would cause your car to shake nonstop when going 40MPH or more?
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What would cause a 1998 Oldsmobile cutlass to shake and mist?

you have to be more specific for a proper answer... at what speed does it shake?.... 40mph> ? what do you mean mist?

Why does your vehicle shake when you accelerate between 40mph and 70mph?

Your tires are unbalanced. You need to get them balanced.

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Ah yes the mysterious shake... As far as I can tell, its the torque converter... Though if that's not your problem, it could always be your idle sensor... Could it possibly be the U-Joints as well?

What would cause your buick skylark to shake violently when accelerating?

The transmission is not shifting in and out of gear or your front joint is going bad

What would cause your 2003 cavalier steering wheel to shake and bounce when going 100km?

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Your car is an 1989 Toyota Camry and when you have the car in park and when you are going under 40mph your car shakes andor vibrates why is this?

check your wheel bearings and if they're ok check your cv joints by jacking up the front of your car and rock your tires forward and back to see if they clunk or shake pretty good