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What would cause your car to sputter when stepping lightly on the gas pedal?

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There are several things that can cause your car to spotter when you step lightly on the gas pedal. The most common cause is a lack of fuel. A dirty air filter also can cause the problem.

2014-09-18 00:22:49
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Why is my truck revving high when you step on the gas pedal?

Because you're stepping on the gas pedal.

What could cause hesitation when stepping on accelerator pedal in a 1998 Mazda B2200 pickup?

My 89 B2200 does this. Its like there is a dead spot in the acceleration. It is because the accelerator pump is leaking.

Use basically in a sentence?

Driving a car is basically turning on the ignition and stepping on the gas pedal.

What is a verb has four syllables means to make swifter and stepping on a gas pedal does this to a car?


What causes a 1990 cutlass ciera hesitate and sputter when gas pedal is depressed or crusing and symptoms stop when brake is applied?

A 1990 Cutlass Ciera might hesitate and sputter when the gas pedal is depressed because of water in the fuel or because of damaged or dirty fuel injectors. You might also have an issue with the wiring or the distributor.

You are a verb you also have four syllables you mean to make swifter stepping on the gas pedal does this to a car?


How do you test your brakes after driving through a puddle?

pressing on the brake pedal lightly for a short distance

When will a clutch slip?

When it's worn out. When it's badly adjusted. When you keep your foot lightly on the clutch pedal.

Why when stepping on the gas pedal the acceleration is slow on a 1995 Lincoln Town Car?

exhaust stopped up and cant breathe

When the driver moves his foot from the gas pedal to a position just over or just lightly resting on the break pedal for anticipation for a sudden stop?

It is called

What causes skids?

An Improper WIPE.. will cause a skid Too much pressure on the gas pedal or brake pedal can cause a skid.

What cause engine to accelerate while driving?

Gasoline pedal/air intake pedal

How much force will there be on the pedal when a normal man is riding a bicycle?

Well, the most force that's reasonably easy to deliver is the weight of the rider, "stepping up" onto the pedal while riding standing up.

When you press the gas pedal it makes a weird sound from the exhaust?

When a weird noise comes from the exhaust after stepping on the gas pedal, it could mean that there is a hole in the exhaust pipe. Sometimes the exhaust pipe will rust and need to be replaced.

What would cause a car to sputter an bog down when you press the acelerator pedal or try to take off quick on a 1994 Chevy impala ss?

You should check your fuel filter. If it's clogged replace it if not then you might have a bad fuel pump. Have the fuel pump tested. There are lots of things that can cause this problem but its best to start with the easiest.

What would cause the gas pedal on 2001 Camaro to stick?

The pedal needs to be greased with good ole WD-40 where the pedal goes into the firewall.

What two controls on a car change speed?

The brake pedal and the accelerator pedal can cause a change in speed.

Why did your car start going without you stepping on the gas pedal?

because all vehicles have an idle. Without an idle your car would not stay running.

How do you repair brake light problem on a 1995 Honda Civic dx when stepping on the brake pedal the lights won't come on?

The brake light switch located at the pedal is most likely broken or stuck Did you check the bulb and replace it if required?

What would cause the car to jolt forward when slowing down?

Letting go of the pedal or pushing the gas pedal.

I bought a distortion pedal and can't get any distortion through my amp?

First, check the battery in the pedal (or its power supply). Next, there should be a series of controls on the pedal which adjust the effect. Read the instructions that came with to learn what each nob does. Finally, stepping on the pedal activates the effect. You do not need to hold it down just 'click' it. Another 'click' will turn it back off.

What brake pedal is the cause of air being in the brake system?

The brake pedal has nothing to do with it. If air is in the system then bleed the brakes.

What could cause the brakes and brake pedal to stick when brake pedal is pressed?

Check around brake pedal for something rubbing. If OK, I'd look into the master cylinder.

When stepping on gas pedal why does engine rev up before actually starting to accelerate on manual transmission regardless of the gear?

Because you have the hand break on Clutch slipping

What would cause your emergency break to get stuck on a 95 cadillac deville?

If the pedal is stuck down, no vacuum to the release diaphragm on the pedal