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You need to take it to the garage and take the mechanic or shio foreman for a ride and show him what you are talking about. Make sure he hears the noise and knows what you want.

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โˆ™ 2004-09-21 10:06:09
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Q: What would cause your car to vibrate and make a grinding noise sometimes when you drive it?
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Why does my car make a grinding sound when I shift my gear into drive and it won't click into drive?

Cause you don't know how to drive

What would cause a grinding sound under hood when in drive but sitting still?

A bad transmission. The sound is from metal grinding on eachother.

What would cause a 92 Ford Escort to vibrate while in drive?

Perhaps an out of balance wheel. If this is the cause it will be worse at a certain speed.

What would cause a grinding noise when making a hard right turn?

If its front wheel drive possibly an axle.

Your ford explorer makes a grinding noise from the rear when you drive?

The rear of a Ford Explorer may have a grinding noise when driving, because the muffler may have came loose. The u joint may also be loose and cause a grinding noise.

What would cause a grinding or rattling sound when accelerating from a stop or when turning?

if its a front wheel drive vehicle then it could be the axels

What would cause a vibrating and grinding sound on a front wheel drive van?

Bad wheel bearing or defective brake pads.

When turning left and excelerating here a grinding sound?

Sounds like you need a new drive shaft (Sometimes also called CV joint)

What would cause the drive shaft in a 1995 gmc sonoma to not want to shift into 2nd and vibrate in 3rd?

It's not the driveshaft. You have a bad transmission.

What would make a car vibrate shudder and feel like something is grinding when in gear and not in neutral?

It would be good if you stated what kind of car and trans you have. It can be either engine or trans mounts especially if it is front wheel drive. Have it checked out. GoodluckJoe

What would cause your all wheel drive not to work?

i have a 95 Chevy astro van.what would cause the all wheel drive to work sometimes but not all the time?

Can a broke flex plate cause your Chevy Avalanche to vibrate at the rear?

It will cause both vibration and a knocking noise The vibration may feel like it is at the rear of of the SUV but be careful to have the drive shaft checked.

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