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What would cause your daytime running lights to stop working other than fuses 1996silverado?


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2006-04-10 05:29:07
2006-04-10 05:29:07

the daytime running lites go out when you put the trans in park. they also go out when you depress the parking brake. i would start looking there.


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Taillights and daytime running lights not working may be caused by a blown fuse. The fuse can be found in the fuse box in the engine compartment.

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There are a few reasons why your daytime running lights are flashing. Your wiring could be messed up or your lights might be burning out.

there is a relay under the hood that should disconnect the daytime running lights

The 1992 Ford Ranger did not come equipped with daytime running lights.

As soon as the engine is started and the emergency / parking brake is released the daytime running lights are supposed to come on

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On vehicles with Daytime Running Lights, (DRL) yes.

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It depends on which country it is to be exported to. Some countries have legislation requiring daytime running lights.

Yes it does, but I'm working hard to remove this on my (Canadian edition) car

They are daytime running lights. They are always on so people can always see you. Its a safety thing. Newer trucks have specific daytime running lights.

The daytime running lights on the 2006 Corolla are a safety feature. They are designed to make it easier for other drivers to see the vehicle.

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Dodge Rams are not equipped with Daytime running lights.. Although what you can do is turn on the parking lights and select just your fog lights (if equipped) otherwise to have running lights you will need to turn on your headlights. It's not a huge advantage to have running lights, because when the climates come that you need to turn on the headlights anyways, they aren't necessary.

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