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What would causes 1989 la baron GTC convertible to start sometimes and when it gets warmed up it dies?

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βˆ™ 2007-04-01 20:20:09

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Just a shot in the dark. There are probably several things that could cause this problem but I'm thinking it could be a coil going bad. Sometimes a coil will do fine until it heats up and then quit working until it cools down. They aren't very expensive nor are they hard to replace. Just remember to disconnect your battery before doing so. Good Luck!

2007-04-01 20:20:09
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Where is the TCC solenoid located on a 1992 Le Baron Convertible and what controls it?

It is in the transmission, and is controlled by the engine computer.

Where is the heater core for Chrysler La Baron 1993 convertible V6 3.0?

It is inside the HVAC housing under the dash.

1992 Le baron convertible headlights just stopped working?

Not working..??.. in what way..?? Symptoms..?? Need more to help :D

What size rear speakers is in Chrysler Le Baron Convertible 1991?

I BELIVE THERE 3 / 9 ''S No. There is rounded speakers but I don

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Where is the power steering reservoir on a 1993 Le Baron convertible?

I own a '89,and here is the reservoir on top of the pump just in front of the windshieldwiperreservoir at the left of the engine.

How do you manually work the headlight covers on a 1988 Le Baron convertible?

There is a manual knob located on the bottom of the headlight door motor, the motor is right behind the grill.

Does the 1995 Le Baron Convertible top motor require any kind of oils or fluids to make it move easier?

Open and read your owner's manual. The info to answer this question is there.

When raising the top of your 1987 Le Baron convertible it does not come down all the way on the windshield frame and is difficult to latch Can this be adjusted?

I had same problem. I had to add trans. fluid.

How do you manually rise the top on a 1993 Le Baron Convertible that is stuck down?

ConvertibleYou need to get to the motor that operates the top and disconnect thre drive from the top, then you can lift it by hand. Just remove hydraulic oil from conv. top motor and you can operate top by hand. worked for me for years

Where can you find a replacement radio stereo for a 1992 lebaron convertible?

Try salvage yards or try Ebay I have had great luck finding everything for my Baron. Expect it to be a little pricey though

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Where is the convertible top relay switch located on a 1989 le baron?

Underneath the boot well, behind the rear seat. Remove the back seat and lift the flap and you will see the pump and the relay assembly.

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What are causes for 95 la baron convertable top to go down but not up?

Bad connection in your switch, possible sticky motor.

Convertible top relay for Le Baron?

Hope you're just asking about the Relay for the Top itself if you are, locate the power top motor and look for a black box to the left of it. You will see wires going in to it. In there you will find the relay.

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