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What would couse A 1975 Honda gl 1000 goldwing to run only with the starter engaged?

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βˆ™ 2007-01-31 02:30:06

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If the bike has a "points" ignition system, check the starter circuit to see if it has an "ignition resistor bypass" to give a hotter spark when starting. This was pretty common on cars of that era. My 1975 Triumph motorcycle is set up with points and a bypass. Check the service manual (or do a visual by tracing wires backwards from the points) to see if the bike has a ballast resistor -- jump it to see if it will run and, if so, replace it.

2007-01-31 02:30:06
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Q: What would couse A 1975 Honda gl 1000 goldwing to run only with the starter engaged?
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