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it would run out of space in the raftors

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What would happen if basketball was not invented?

Basketball players would not exist. None of their fans would either. That is what would happen.

What would have happen if Michael Jackson did not die?

He would have done his shows and then retired.

Can a Nascar Cup Series car number be permanently retired?

No. If Nascar did this it would mean that most numbers would be retired and we would be seeing 3 cars on the track.

What would happen if a cell was as big as a basketball?

If a cell were as big as a basketball, organelles would have to increase in size to be proportionate to the actual cell. -Josh

What would happen if there was to much air pressure in a basketball?

It would have too much bounce.

What would happen if basketball games ticket prices decrease?

Basketball profits would decrease at all levels. There's no going back NOW!

What would happen if was no friction in basketball?

I suppose we would just slip and slide all over the place!

What would happen if the F-14 was not retired?

The F-14 could supplement the F-18 Hornet.

Are any Notre Dame Football numbers retired?

No. As one former player put it we've had so many outstanding players, of we retired a number, there would not be any jerseys left.

What would happen if rational numbers never existed?

Since all counting numbers are rational numbers, arithmetic would never have started. There would have been no science nor technology.

What would happen if numbers of worms decrese?

the world wouldnt be how it was always

What would happen to an individual playing a long game of basketball outdoors on a hot afternoon?

The osmotic pressure of the blood would decrease!

What would happen if you pop a basketball in space?

Due to the vacuum of space, nothing. The air would be dispersed and have no effect on anything in space

What would happen if ther was no decimals?

Then we would have only whole numbers. no fractions of any sort.

What are the ten most popular basketball numbers?

23, and then I would say anyone of the single digits numbers23 (Jordan & Lebron) is the guaranteed number 1.

What would happen if a bunny was taken out of a food chain?

the fox will decrease its numbers

Who was the first person to have there number retired by the Utah jazz?

I would have to say "Pistol" Pete Maravich. His number 7 jersey was retired by the Utah Jazz in 1985. All of the other numbers retired by the Jazz continued their playing careers past that date. It could very well be Karl Malone.

Why is basketball hollow?

If a basketball were not hollow, it would be extremely heavy and would not bounce.

When to numbers are compared by the process of division this is called?

If i understand what you are trying to ask correctly, it would be:The quotient of (whatever the numbers happen to be, or a letter if it's a variable)

Why is wade boggs number not retired in Boston?

There are quite a few well-respected former Red Sox players whose numbers were never retired, and baseball fans debate this endlessly. It is worth noting that the Red Sox have not retired many numbers over the years (thus far, it has only been seven former players). That said, Boggs spent 11 years in Boston before leaving to play for the Yankees. It is unclear whether that factored into the decision not to retire his number, but there seems to be little momentum for doing it at this point, even though in interviews, Boggs still says he wishes it would happen.

Would you use to play a basketball game?

a basketball

What would you do snowboard or play basketball?

basketball i agree. why?

What would happen if number zero was not there?

then there would only be a 1. and there would be no 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 digit numbers onlya one digit number. and there would be only 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,numbers to use not 10, 20,30,40 ,50 ,60,70,80,90,100 because they need zeros

What would happen if you grew 20 feet tall?

You would be a freak, since you would be different from everyone else. But you can also be unique, and that's what counts ! ;)my life would be such a misery. but i would be the worlds greatest basketball player

What would happen if the food chain isen't balanced?

in the food chain is unbalanced then the animal's population or plant's population numbers would decrease. Then either die off of extinction or the numbers would increase once again.