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he would start to develop breasts, his testicles would shrink. Then your hips would move and you will lose weight , and you skin will soften.

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Q: What would happen if a guy took a birth control pill?
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If you were to take every birth control pill in the pack what would happen?

facial hair and liver failure...

How do you know birth control has failed?

As far as using birth control pills the only way for the pill to fail is for ovulation to happen and a pregnancy to occur. Pregnancy would be the only proof of failure from the pill.

What would happen if a man take birth control pill for his Brest?

Due to the estrogen birth control pills probably will make a mans breasts grow.

Can pregnancy happen if on the pill?

Yes, even on the pill there is a chance of pregnancy, as there is with most forms of birth control.

What happen when you get sick on your birth control?

Call the doctor and have him change the pill brand.

What would be a good birth control?

a combination of the birth control pill and condoms would be the best form following abstinance

I would like to stop taking birth contol when is the best time in my cycle to do so?

well, i start to take the birth control pill. i took one month, but i stop taking the pill the next month. what happen did control your period or not what is the risk.

You want too stop the shot and use birth control pill?

You can switch forms of birth control to what is most comfortable for you. If you would like to switch birth control consult your physician so that she/he can choose a birth control pill that is right for you.

What would cause your breasts to get larger when you are on the birth control pill?

Hi :-) * Hormones contained in Birth Control Pill. * Pregnancy. * Hormonal imbalance. * Weight gain.

How do you stop the population growth?

With a male birth control pill (that is swallowed or injected). If men had a birth control pill, most male would probably use it. Of course, no birth control pill protects against sexually transmitted diseases, however, if there were a male birth control pill (and an Israeli doctor claims to have invented one), the population would probably gradually go down in most countries that practice birth control.

Can you get pregnant if you switch from the birth control patch to the birth control pill?

If you start the birth control pill on schedule, no later than the day on which you would have started the next cycle of the birth control patch, you are protected during the switch. If you were late in starting the pill, you may not have protection until you've taken the pill correctly for seven days.

What can happen if a dog eats a birth control pill?

A single human birth control pill does not contain enough hormones to cause any toxicity in a dog. It will not affect the dog's reproductive cycle either.

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