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The church ran the government and society of Europe. They made the rules and if a king didn’t follow their laws they excommunicated him. In medieval Europe this was the worse thing to happen to a person. The church taught that they were the only means to communicate with God and it wasn’t until the Neoplatonic thought and the printing press man finally realized they didn’t need a Middle man to communicate with God.

the role of serjeant-at-arm in medieval time was to fight against the person who object what the speaker said

A person who lived in medieval times.

Well the church was it's own "person" back then. They were able to choose high ranked officials and the King had to often agree with them. The church was a big thing in medieval times. They would help the king some days and hurt him on others. So, all in all, yes it was hard for the king to get control of the church!

John Calvin is a person who went up against the Catholic church .

the roman Catholic church was a huge role in the lives of noble peasants. They were to follow all orders of the church over the fear of going to hell. If the word of the church was questioned then that person was excommunicated from the christian society.

If a person does any criminal or other offenses in the church and also the one's against biblical principles in the church, they are forbidden from the membership. Also if by notice any principles or policies of the church is overridden it happens

what would happen is that the person who reports would behave to testify against the person after being question and the story checks out your welcome!!

To speak out against accepted church opinion is called heresy, so this person is called a heretic.

No church can forgive sin. No vicar, priest or whoever can forgive sin unless that sin was committed against that person. When one sins against God then only He can forgive.

A:In medieval times, excommunication not only meant an eternity in hell in the next life, but also meant that the excommunicant would receive no protection from the Church or from the law. If attacked, robbed or even killed by another person, that person would likely avoid any punishment. When the excommunicant died, he would be refused burial by the Church or in the Church graveyard. Excommunication is now largely symbolic, especially as the law applies to all, funerals tend to be managed by non-religious funeral companies and there is no disrespect in burial away from a church.

indulgences-reduced the time in purgatory when the person died

Heretic. It really depends, though, if that person is teaching a contrary idea, or if they just don't want to follow what the church professes. By definition, a Heretic is someone who teaches a belief that is contrary to church dogma. A Blasphemer is someone who is irreverent or disrespectful to the church. A Heathen is someone who refuses to believe what the church teaches.

.Roman Catholic AnswerMost of the people who protested against the Church in the sixteenth century were heretics and apostates. Today they are, more politically correct, known as "protestant reformers" by those who followed them.

A cooper is a person who makes barrels. A medieval cooper is a person who lived during the Middle Ages and made barrels.

By medieval Catholic Church, I assume you mean a Catholic Church of the architecture of Romanesque (Renaissance) or Gothic (true Medieval) ; Stone construction, high ceilings, large windows, traditional cross floor-plan ( i.e. Notre Dame); or Stone construction, medium ceilings, smaller windows, traditional cross floor-plan, respectively. Not an accual Church in the Medieval Era of time because that would require time travel. If the parish you are referring to does not have a time in at which to pass a basket around (most likely during the preparation of the gifts), Talk to the pastor and he will direct you to the appropriate person that handles the donations.

There are five basic types of conflicts.Person against another person.Person against society in general.Person against fate.Person against nature.Person against himself/herself.

The church janitor is the person who cleans the church.

The person who carried out the punishments in the medieval times were the executioners and the torturers.

the most important person in church is the priest

Anything you might define as the worst thing that could happen to a person probably happened to a queen at one time or other.

Because there is a population that has not been vaccinated against it. It is a viral disease, spread person to person. Vaccination prevents transmission of the disease.

A confirmed person is expected to go to church, reject all evil, and to stand up against wrong and spread Gods message world wide.

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