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Q: What would happen if a person was against the church in medieval?
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A person who speaks against church beliefs?


Was a person that went against the teachings of the church?

They were called heretics.

What was the roll of serjeant at law in Medieval Times?

the role of serjeant-at-arm in medieval time was to fight against the person who object what the speaker said

What was the importance of the Church in medieval Europe?

The church ran the government and society of Europe. They made the rules and if a king didn’t follow their laws they excommunicated him. In medieval Europe this was the worse thing to happen to a person. The church taught that they were the only means to communicate with God and it wasn’t until the Neoplatonic thought and the printing press man finally realized they didn’t need a Middle man to communicate with God.

What is a medieval person?

A person who lived in medieval times.

Who was the person who protested against the Roman Catholic Church?

Martin Luther

Who is John Calvin and what did he do?

John Calvin is a person who went up against the Catholic church .

Who is John Calvin what did he do?

John Calvin is a person who went up against the Catholic church .

Why was it hard for medieval kings to control the church?

Well the church was it's own "person" back then. They were able to choose high ranked officials and the King had to often agree with them. The church was a big thing in medieval times. They would help the king some days and hurt him on others. So, all in all, yes it was hard for the king to get control of the church!

What roles did the church play in medieval life?

the roman Catholic church was a huge role in the lives of noble peasants. They were to follow all orders of the church over the fear of going to hell. If the word of the church was questioned then that person was excommunicated from the christian society.

What causes a person to lose their membership in the united Methodist church?

If a person does any criminal or other offenses in the church and also the one's against biblical principles in the church, they are forbidden from the membership. Also if by notice any principles or policies of the church is overridden it happens

What is a medieval damsel?

a person

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