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If all of the trees were gone, we wouldn't have a very high oxygen content in the air. Less oxygen less humans.Answer

If all the rainforests were destroyed the world would practicly be destroyed because if there are no trees there will be no humans and no humans is no world.


The removal of all the trees on earth would be a disaster. Whole ecosystems would collapse and many, many species of animals would disappear for lack of food, shelter, cover, nest sites and a host of other critical elements to their existence. Ceratinly other plants would fill in behind the trees, but if the trees go, life as we know it will disappear and something else will have to take its place.


trees carry out a very important function- they remove carbon dioxide from the air when they grow! as humans ,animals and insects etc.. breath out co2 then there would be less plants to trap this co2 in their growth - we would need many many more other plants to take up the co2 - we would need an area 5 times the size of the are covered by trees to grown over by other plants to replace trees as trees are the best plant to remove the co2 from the atmosphere- with out trees the co2 level would rise very quickly and as co2 is a green house gas then the temperature on earth would rise as well leading to super global warming! co2 is also acidic and the amount of co2 in the ocean would also rise making the oceans acidify and killing many if not most of the animal species and plant species in the oceans of the world. The main concern with global warming is the melting of polar ice caps this would release huge amounts of water into the worlds oceans raising sea levels ( coastal flooding) but most importantly totally changing the worlds weather system by increasing the amount of water in the atmosphere as well leading to extreme weather conditions ( signs of this are all ready happening due to the release of c02 from industry) - if the Arctic ice cap melts at a continuing rate then the Gulf stream ( a steam of warm water from Mexico) will be turned off and the north of Europe will drop in temperature by about 11 degrees and snow will then get a foot hold in northern Europe leading from a period of global warming to a very quick change to global freezing ( the snow would reflect the suns rays away ) Snow would then cover all the way down to Berlin! ( the same as the last ice age!) If you look at the globe of the Earth and check the height of Britain compared to the same height in Canada and Russia you will see that they are covered in snow all year round but north west Europe is not! - that's just how effective and important the gulf stream is !!! There you go - !!!After a brief period of global warming ruining the animal species then we would very quickly revert to a period of rapid cooling and maybe even an ice age!!!

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Q: What would happen if all the trees were destroyed?
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