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A guinea pigs teeth would keep growing longer if he didn't wear them down chewing and he would finally die. Other rodents do the same thing.

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Q: What would happen if guinea pigs had nothing to chew?
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Can you give your guinea pig wood to chew on?

Yes. This is the perfect thing to give your guinea pig to chew on.

Can guinea pigs chew on pencils?

Yes, Guinea Pigs will chew on anything that is hard to wear down their teeth.

What do guinea pigs at 10 weeks old eat?

They eat the regular guinea pig diet. Guinea pig pellets, timothy hay, water, chew treats, and get them a chew block or salt chew also to help wear their teeth down.

Can guinea pigs chew on wood?

yes they can as long as it is chew toy wood, safe to chew and non toxic.

Can guinea pigs chew on cardboard?

Yes it is okay for them to chew on cardboard.

What will happen if you smoke the steams in weed?

Nothing. It tastes gross too. Some people chew them

Can a guinea pig chew through chicken wire?

Rabbit's Don't Chew Through Chicken Wire. So Guinea Pigs Shouldn't Chew Through

Can guinea pigs chew through plastic?

oh yes they can chew through almost everything

Why do guinea pigs chew on your collar and their cage?

Guinea pigs teeth always keep growing, so they need something to chew on to wear them down. To help with this, put wooden toys or small wood blocks in for them to chew on.

What do guinea pigs chew?

guinea pigs are allowed to chew wooden objects or cardboard or paper things. They tend to chew anything in their site so be extra careful they arent near any electrical wires that can harm them!

What do guinea pigs like to chew on?

Guinea pigs should have things like empty toilet tubes and toys bought from pet shops (wooden blocks/sticks etc) to chew on in their cage. But if you let them they will chew everything they can.

What would happen if you ate a breath mint and forgot to chew it?

you would have a minty choke!

What toys for guinea pigs?

I would suggest getting chew toys and things with bells, unless you ahte the constant ring of bells and the sound of a happy guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs chew crabapple wood?

Yes they can

Why do younger guinea pigs chew the fur of old guinea pig?

because the little guinea pig likes the older one

How often do guinea pigs chew per minute?

it is hard to tell, if your guinea pig is in their hidey house, they will chew less often, but when they are running around or playing they are going to be chewing a lot

Can you eat the wrapper on stride gum?

yes ,you can eat it. if you chew on it nothing will happen .the gum will be a little more harder though.

What house should a guinea pig live in?

Your Guinea pigs Cage should be Big And roomy for space and also have secluded areas For hiding, such as a House. i would get a wooden house so she/he can chew on it. I have one for my Guinea pig and she loves it!

Are wood cages for guinea pigs good?

Wood cages are not very good because guinea pigs love to chew on wood. If you give your guinea pig a wooden cage, they might chew threw one day. Your pet might get lost!

Can guinea pigs chew on medal?

no because medal are hard

How can you make your guinea pig playful?

By giving it tunnels and things to do and chew........ (make sure these are treats etc that you give them to chew) Guinea pigs love parsley bells (you can buy these from pet shops)

Should guinea pigs chew on wood?

Well, yes, it is good for them to knaw and chew on it to grind there teeth on, but, not to much please!!

Can guinea pigs chew threw plastic?

yes they can and paper too!

Can guinea pigs chew on sticks?

yes and its good 4 their teeth

When did Chew Man Fu happen?

Chew Man Fu happened in 1990.

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