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you would lose all your coolant

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Why would you have a gas smell in your radiator?

because it broke

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Why would a 03 Impala turn off while in park?

you might need to check the water in the batter, engine coolant, radiator, oil.

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Wot would happen if you put engine oil in a car radiator?

the thick liquid would plug your radiator and ruin your water pump. and destroy your engine.

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What would happen if you drove a car with the radiator cap off?

What would happen is when your vechile begins to run and gets warmed up your fluid will splatter all inside the hood of the vechile and your fluid will run low and it will crack your radiator.

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How do you fix a broken radiator that does not move hot water in a 1999 Chevy Silverado?

Answer broke radiatorFirst off the radiator isn't probably broke you may need to take it to a radiator shop and have it rodded out and flushed and your water pump may also be going out. Answer broke radiatori would make sure that all the air is bled out of the system before you remove anything. have you recently opened the system for anything? or was the coolant low and then refilled? if so, you could have an air lock that is blocking the circulation. get the air bubbles out and it'll flow again.

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Why would a 1996 Impala SS overheat in traffic?

Broken radiator fan/fan belt. You coolant level might also be low in addition to the fan problem.

What would cause the temperature on a 96 Impala SS go up to the red area when car is not moving but goes down when moving?

Broken radiator fan/fanbelt.

Why would a leaking radiator hose cause a 350 motor to start working on 6 cylinders instead of 8?

A leaking radiator hose would NOT cause this to happen, you have 2 problems with this vehicle.

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