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"One" would then be guilty of Grand Larceny.

Roosta is wrong.

If you can retrieve the vehicle, go ahead. No court order, no law broken. You are the registered owner and have the legal rights over a repo guy.

That is what I thought Repo is actually Illeagal, this is why they do it at 2 am..... And when you call to find out where your car is they wont tell you until you pay. Even then it is like this big lockdown place where you cant see anyone. Amazing this crap is able to go on.

He is NOT wrong. There are many states where a court order is not needed. And in every state entering locked private property is considered criminal trespass. The repossession of a vehicle is not illegal when the laws of the state are followed. In many instances there is a clause in the lending contract that outlines the actions that can and will be taken if the borrower defaults. The best way to settle these disputed opinions is to consult the state repossession laws/statutes, where the person lives.

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Q: What would happen if someone had his car repossessed and followed the repoman unnoticed back to the impound lot then stole it back?
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How do you locate a vehicle that has been repossessed?

IF you have a legal interest in it, you call THE LENDER. They can tell you what you need to know. but they wont until you pay.... you might go take YOUR car back..beat the repoman

Can a repoman drive a car that has been repossessed?

Drive it WHERE? They have to drive it to get to their storage lot. If you believe that they are driving it for personal usage, that is a question that isn't covered by criminal or statute law. The appropriateness of it will have to be determined by the lender that financed the car loan.

Is it true that a lender cannot put a repo on your credit if the car is being repossessed at a repair shop having actual repairs done?

Gina, if the repoman picks it up. its a REPO. Ya cant hide the car in a repair shop.

Can a repoman follow you around?


Can you sue a repoman for breaking your fence?


Where can you apply for a repoman job in Michigan?

in Michigan

What do you need to become a Repoman in the state of Arizona?

no self esteem

Does the sheriff or repo man have the right to enter your home or garage to look for the vehicle in Missouri?

Repoman?? NO,NO, and NO. the sheriff?? IF he has a replevin OR warrant, YES. In ANY state. And for the repoman to say he can is ILLEGAL. Call an attorney.

How do you become a Repossession Agent or Repoman in Miami FL?

Usually Repossession agencies look for Repoman that have their own truck with a wheel lift and show proof of insurance. Recovery agents should obtain a Class A license.

Can the repoman find you if you move out of state?

yes the wil notfi that stat to get your car in that stat

Can a vehichle be taken in the middle of the night without warning for one late payment?

it depends on what state you are in , some states require banks to send you a right to cure via certified mail demanding you pay the past due balance or the vehicle will be repossessed, as far as the middle of the night, well when would you expect the repoman to come. your personal property that's in the car should be turned back over to you but sometimes they will charge you to return it. there is a website that covers personal property return, right and wrongs comitted by the repoman, and the fee's you would expect to pay. CHECK OUT they should have alot of the answers you are searching for.

Can the bank charge you for a repo fee if your car was never taken?

Bobby, look at your contract. It likely covers what fees they can charge. The repoman charged the bank, the bank charged you. It all went on your account. The repoman had to get paid for coming to your house, right? We dont work for free.

What do you do when the repoman damages your car by trying to get in it?

You contact the lender, if that doesnt work, you contact a local attorney. Sue the lender

Can a repoman carry a gun?

Depends on the laws in that state. Conducting repossessions does not grant any special privileges for firearms.

Can a repoman come behind your gate to get your car in your backyard?

They cannot break the lock on a gate to get in but they can open the gate if it is unlocked.

Can they send an officer to your job to make you give the car back if they are trying to repossess it?

IF the lender has filed a writ of replevin, the court will send an officer to get the car. Some whiny repomen like to PRETEND they are cops, which is ILLEGAL. If it is a repoman pretending to be a cop, GET WITNESSES< VIDEO TAPE THE "REPO" and SUE everyone from the lender to the repoman.

If your car was just repossessed and you own a house can you quit claim your interest in the house to the person who owns the other half interest?

I'm guessing that you need to CALL an attorney NOW. Sounds like a collector and/or repoman has been telling you what they think you need to hear. (Blowing Smoke) No one blowing smoke, just trying to see if one can avoid having a jointly owned house attached to a deficiency judgement?

How much would a repoman earn a year if he owns his own company in Delaware with two trucks on the road?


What can you do if someone has been hiding a car knowing it is going to be repossessed?

AnswerDanny, it depends on your state and your contract and your repoman. Many variables. Email me with specifics if you care to. What you posted looks like someone wasnt doing their job very well. What can you NOT find in 2 months? Cars dont fall off the face of the earth. Thanks for your replyIt is also possible to get a reward from the finance co. RepoRevenge specializes in this sort of thing.

Can repoman come in to your garage?

I don't see why not, but they usually take something of equal value to your debt. So if you have something valuable in your garage, sure.

Can an arrest be made after a repossession is made?

If a law was broken, yes, the person who broke the law can be arrested. The repoman cannot arrest the law breaker.

Can they report your car as stolen if they haven't succeeded in repossessing it?

rport it stolen?? Who will take the report?? Barney Fife??? NO, cause its NOT stolen. The 'stolen" line is a sure sign of a LAZY repoman. Or an uneducated repoman who believes everything they hear. How can you "steal" your own car? The lender CANNOT report the vehicle stolen. You, as the registered owner, are the only one who can make that report to the police.

Can you still be arrested for hiding a vehicle if it is a charge-off?

What is so great about a car that you are willing to go thru all this to keep a car you havent paid for?? Is it a challenge to beat the repoman?? FYI, you are NOT playing a game against the "the repoman". You are dealing with state laws. CALL a local attorney NOW and find out your "rights". NO,You cannot be arrested it is a civil matter not crimminal.

How much are repo fees in Chicago IL?

depends on how hungry the repoman is and how much the lender will pay. Could go either way for either one.

Can repo man enter private property?

Yes he or she can enter private propery as long as the Do not Breach The Peace in Texas. DE Repoman Houston TX