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I have had a SMALL amount and am still alive

Here is the answer (with spelling corrections) that the DEAD guy said:

if you drank hand sanitizer than you would most likely die. or you will become blind if you drink a large amount.your througt will swell up and you will fimd it hard to be able to breath. you will need to contact a doctor amedantly.

Ok, honestly....? Who in their right mind would even consider taking advice from someone who can't spell worth a d%$n? I mean, you're probably right about seeing a doctor and potentially killing yourself but let's get real here. Maybe you should spend less time on miki answers and more time in school.

The guy who asked the question is dead XD

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:58:50
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Q: What would happen if you drank sanitizer?
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ntng happen

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i just did that nothing happened !

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What should you do if you drink hand sanitizer?

If you drink hand sanitizer you should probably rinse your mouth out with clean water. I know this because i have drank hand sanitizer. Next, make sure you are not alergic to it. If you are, i suggest that you go see your doctor just to be on the safe side.

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Mercury causes major neurological problems.

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If you put hand sanitizer on dirt would the hand sanitizer get dirty or the dirt get clean?

Technically, since it's a hand sanitizer and sanitizer means "to make sanitary, as by cleaning or disinfecting" then obviously it's the dirt get cleaned and not the sanitizer get dirty.

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hand sanitizer can not cause cancer but i would not suggest eating it!

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