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They will arrest you, you will go to jail and depending on what the warrant is for they will set a bond amount which you will have to pay before you can be released. If you cannot pay it you will stay in jail until your court date at which point your charges will either be dropped (not likely), you will be sentenced to more time or the judge will give you a fine to pay and credit you with time served and you will go back to jail for several hours to go through the release process. It is really in your best interest to turn yourself in by simply going to the jail and telling them you want to turn yourself in. It makes things alot easier and makes you look better.

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If you have warrant in massachuettes and you move to Tennessee what will happen and you get stopped by police officers what will happen to you legally?


What would happen if you got stopped by police and have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant in another state?

Most states will not extradite on a misdemeanor warrant due to the expense they would incur for a relatively minor charge. Some states WILL if the distance is not that great, i.e. within 100 miles etc.

What happens if you have a traffic warrant?

If you get stopped by the police and they find you have an outstanding traffic warrant they could arrest you.You should go to the court and pay the fines to clear up the warrant.Added: Some additional food for thought - if the warrant is for an un-answered traffic charge the DMV could (and probably will) suspend your drivers license until the matter is taken care of.

Will a out of state warrant show up when applying for a job and what could happen if it does?

This will depend on the background check that is performed by your employer. And if your employer does find out that there is an outstanding warrant then he can call the police and have you picked up. In many states if he does not do this, he could be charged with hindering justice or with harboring a fugitive.

Is there a warrant out in my name?

I was stopped by a police officer on the motorway last night and he wanted to arrest me as he thought there was a warrant out in my name. He later discovered he was wrong but, I am now concerned. How do I find out if there is a warrant in my name?

Can a police officer search your car because your passenger has an outstanding warrant?

yup they most certainly can,if they have any viable reason

What are grounds for a police arrest?

It depends on the locality. In my state, a police officer can arrest you if you have an outstanding warrant, or if you have committed a misdemeanor that he/she witnessed, or if you are under suspicion of having committed a felony.

If a person has an outstanding warrant for probation violation in Florida can law enforcement in other states know it?

A VOP warrant is a strong one. Once it's entered into the NCIC, all police jurisdictions will know about it.

I was pulled over for a broken windshield and I had an outstanding warant and a suspended licenses but the officer didn't read me my rights Is this wrong They also searched my car?

does the police officer have the right, when I have a outstanding warrant to search my car?

How do you know if there is a warrant against you?

You can go to the police station and ask them or simply wait. When you are arrested then you have a warrant against you --------------------------- Another method is to hire a lawyer...he will check and see if there are any warrants outstanding. Or if you know a police officer well enough (a relative or friend) they can check also.

Can police seize a car for having a light not working?

no they usually give you a ticket and then a warning. if you having an outstanding warrant or something they may arrest you though

Can a police officer take you?

It depends on the circumstances and the local law. Generally speaking, U.S. police officers can arrest you if you have an outstanding warrant, or if they or other witnessess have seen you commit an arrestable offense, or if you are a suspect in a crime.

What is needed for police to get a search warrant?

There are several things needed in order for police to get a search warrant. The police need a judge's signature for a search warrant before they can proceed.

How do you find out if you have an outstanding warrant?

1. Ask a police officer. He will access his database and be able to tell you on the spot. Of course if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest you miche also get arrested on the spot. 2. Go to you county court house. They will also be able to tell you. Once again you could possible be arrested if you do have a warrant. 3. Try searching online. There are some sites (that you do have to pay for) that range from $9.95 to $39.95 and they might or might not be able to let you know if there are outstanding warrants for your arrest.

Even though there is a search warrant can police search a home in South Dakota if no one's been in the home to receive the warrant?

Yes. The police can search any items if they have a warrant. It does not matter that no one is there to receive the warrant. The police only have to leave a copy of the warrant at the residence.

How do the police know you have a trespassing warrant?

They may have information in advance and be watching for you, or they can locate any outstanding warrant through a standard computer check. It is always best to resolve a warrant before you are arrested. Contacting the court may let you appear when it is convenient and avoid a trip to jail all together.

How do you get rid of a warrant?

Surrender to the authorities in the jurisdiction where the warrant was issued. It would be advisable to obtain legal counsel before taking such action. A warrant will not just "go away",if the person is stopped by the police it will become known if an identification check is made, and the person will be taken into custody.

What should you say to a county judge when you show up during open court to find out what your warrant is for in Iowa if you are a resident of nebraska and don't know what the warrant would be for?

If you know that there is an outstanding warrant for you in Iowa your best course of action would be to call the Iowa State Police - identify yourself as an out-of-state resident who understands there is a warrant for your arrest. Ask what it is for and how to clear it up.

If an warrant is issued for your arrest what happens if you get caught?

If the warrant is for a misdemeanor offense, you will not normally be arrested unless you are stopped for a traffic violation or if the police are called to a scene, where you may be. If it's a felony warrant, for a serious violation, such as murder, you will be tracked down, even in another state, and be arrested and extradited.

What can the police search and seized with a warrant?

Whatever a Judge approves, and its on the warrant...

How can police search with a search warrant?

They can search for what is stated in the search warrant.

What happens if you get stopped by police and have and outstanding bench warrant for child support in another state?

You will be taken into custody at least until it is detemined that the other state will extradite you for this offense. If they will extradite you, you will be held until the paperwork and personnel from the 'wanting' state arrive to take custody of you.If they decline to extradite you, you will be released and allowed to go on your way.

Do a police need a warrant before doing a police report?


How do police get a serch warrant?

What has to happen before police can get a warrant to search your house for drugs. <><><> The police will make a sworn statement to a judge or magistrate, explaining the information that has given them cause to believe that a crime is being committed in that place. The information must be "probable cause"- information that would convince a reasonable man that it is true. If the magistrate agrees that the police DO have probable cause, he will issue a warrant that specifies the place to be searched, and the things to be searched for.

Can police issue a new search warrant while exacuting a search warrant?

Ive heard of police with a search warrant finding something non-related to the search warrant, and then issuing a new search warrant on the spot regarding the new issue.