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Q: What would happen if you had too little acid in your stomach?
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What would happen to stomach acid and antacids if indicators were added?

Not much.

What would happen if you ate hydrochloric acid?

It would very much depend on the strength of the acid, which you do not indicate. Your stomach is already full of hydrochloric.

If your stomach contained 1 liter of dilute hydrochloric acid powder would you need to neutralize it?

That depends on how dilute the hydrochloric acid is. Your stomach naturally produces hydrochloric acid as part of the natural human digestive process. If you just drank a liter of water and had little in your stomach to begin with, your stomach would then contain a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid.

What will happen to bacteria that enter stomach together with the food?

the bacteria is killed by the acid in the stomach.

Would the stomach contain an acid or an alkali?

The stomach contain hydrochloric acid.

What would happen if your stomach leaked?

The final result of a an untreated peptic ulcer or perforated stomach would cause the contents of the stomach would leak into the intestinal cavity and cause acid damage and poisoning to the internal organs resulting in death.

What could happen if your stomach didn't produce enough mucus Explain.?

If the stomach didn't produce enough mucus, "it would not be able to cancel out its own stomach acid and woulsd basically digest itself."

What would happen if the phosporic acid was left out in the creation of aspirin?

Depends on how much but worse case scenario it eats your stomach and mouth

What would happen to the human body if you did not have a stomach?

If there was no stomach in your digestive system there would be no source of acid to start the digestive system process.

What can be a great relief for an acid stomach?

A sick stomach should have medicine. Stomach acid is HCl So find what would chemically stable it

Specificly what would happen to your organs if you drank hydrochloric acid?

Huge damage to stomach, and you would get very weak teeth don't drink it! IT'S DANGEROUS!!!

Where is hydrocloric acid produced?

inside the stomach. it is used to digest food. The stomach has a mucous lining that prevents the stomach from digesting itself. Any other organ that would produce the acid would be destroyed by the acid right after.