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No one here knows. You know him, we don't.

However, there is usually no advantage to moving backward.

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What to tell a girl that just got back with a boyfriend that cheated on her?

tell her that her boyfriend cheated on her. she needs to know.

How do you get your boyfriend back after you have cheated on him?

YOU DON"T! You reap what you sow!

How do you get my boyfriend back when I cheated?

well why do you want your bf back, iff you cheated on him then obviously you werent interested or you didnt care about him, maybe you should go eplain

Would you go back out with your ex-boyfriend if he cheated on you?

I married my ex-wife after 2 yrs of divorce and i new of her infidelity

How do you gain trust back in boyfriend of 27 years who has cheated?

This is just my opinion, but I dont think I would be able to trust again.

How do you get boyfriend back after he cheated on me?

not to be rude but if he cheated on you i would not take him back. find some one else there are plenty of fish in the sea. no man should cheat on there girl. because he cheated on you if you do get him back he's going to do it again and again behind your back and im not trying to be rude just trying to keep you from getting hurt again

Should you stay with your boyfriend who has lied and cheated on you if you love him?

No! Leave him immediately. If he cared for you, he would not have cheated on you. Do not think it's your fault. Do not take him back if he tries to trick you into it. Do not stay with him. Remember - Once a cheater, always a cheater.

When you cheated on your boyfriend with his best friend and he finds out and breaks up with you how do you get him back?

Tell him he is really gay.

Why are some ex boyfriends always willing to take you back?

Some of them are actually sorry and do want you back. If they cheated on you consider it A LOT. My boyfriend cheated on me and he is just ignoring me now. When he cheated on me .?????? But still... Consider it very carefully!! Lovee Youu x

Would you want your spouse back after he cheated on you?

yes. you have to have them.

Once a husband earns his trust back from wife after he cheated on her would he go back to cheating?

That could happen. If it did, he'd probably be much harder to catch at it a second time.

What should you do if your boyfriend cheated on you but then dumped you when you become pregnant?

tell him and ask him if he would like to be back involved with you and the baby, think about abortions and then its your choice but if i was you i would completely ignore him and not let him have anything to do with the baby!

Would you allow your husband to come back home after he cheated?

No, i would not.

What if my past boyfriends have cheating on you?

Well it depends , if your on about your boyfriend has cheated on you , dump him and neva look back at him ... but if your talking about your ex boyfriend has just cheated on you ignore him very simple posted by maddie payne for any more advice

Should you forgive and stay in a relationship with someone after they have cheated on you?

No, he/she is not a good boyfriend/girlfriend. Leave him/her and wait for him/her to come crawling back!

How do you make up with your boyfriend after you lied to him and cheated on him?

Why in the world would you want to get back together with him? Clearly you don't care that much about him. In the event that you're serious, you need some serious couples counseling.

You have cheated several times on your boyfriend what should you do?

Not trying to be mean or anything, but back off him. Cheating is THE worst thing you can put someone through. Let your old boyfriend go, your hurting him.

How do you get my ex husband back when i was the one that cheated?

If you cheated on your husband then that means you did not love him in the first place. If you truly loved him, you would not have cheated. So in the end, basically your actions are irreversible.

What do you do when you have cheated on your boyfriend with an ex and he won't give you trust back but still says he loves you?

you will have to earn the trust back and it will always be harder for him because he wont know if you will do it again.

What to if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Leave him, don't look back and move on, there are other better and nicer guys out there who deserve you more than a guy who cheated on you.

What do you do if you like your ex and he likes you back but your dating someone else and you really like them too and then your boyfriend cheats on you?

Well, you have a few options here. A: Ignore your ex, and stay with your boyfriend after hes cheated on you B: Leave your boyfriend and go be with your ex I would recommend B, but whatever you do dont try cheating on your cheating boyfriend to be with your ex. Bad plan.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back if you cheated?

Work very hard to regain his trust and BE trustworthy. But don't blame him if he still doesn't want you back because it's very tough on him.

Should you take your boyfriend back after he cheated on you drunk?

No. If he did it drunk, it is only a matter of time before he does it sober, and probably a shorter matter of time before he does it again drunk. It is not worth the constant wondering WHEN it will happen again. Lose him - he's a loser himself.

What do you do if your boyfriend kisses you?

If I were you, I would kiss him back.

How do you know if your boyfriend likes you back?

If he's your boyfriend he likes you back if he isn't then ask him out the worst that could happen is he'll say no trust me you'll regret it if you don't