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Q: What would happen to the food chain if Echidna become extinct?
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What would happen if oysters went extinct?

It would effect the food chain and other marine life would become extinct

What will happen if cougars go extinct?

the animals that the cougar eat will become over populated and the food chain will corrupt

Why it would be bad for a lead beater's possum to become extinct?

Because if they do the whole chain reaction would happen

What will happen to human life on earth if turtles get extinct?

Nothing happen to human life if turtles become extinct. Turtles are not part of the human food chain. Turtles will eat bugs, fish and other small animals.

If polar bears become extinct what food chain will it affect?

If a polar Bear Were to come Extinct then it would effect the Arctic food chain

Is it a problem that species become extinct?

It is theorized that when a species becomes extinct, that it causes abnormalities in the food chain, which can cause other species to either become extinct as well or become overpopulated.

What does the future look like for the red panda?

If we do not help them in a special habitat then they will become extinct. Then that would mess up the food chain. If the food chain messes up then alot of animals will become extinct. Then we wouldn't have anything to eat. Then......we would become extinct.

What would happen to the kelp food chain if the sea urchin were to become extinct?

Kelp is intertwined in multiple food chains. If sea urchins go extinct, the other organism will feel in the gaps.

What would happen if phytoplankton or mosquitos went extinct?

If they went extinct the whole food chain would be out of balance.

What will happen to the giant panda's food chain if it becomes extinct?

then everything will be CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

What year did leopards become extinct?

If you're talking about snow leapords then they are endangered but have not become extinct but if poaching continues then they will be. If you're talking about leopards in general then they are at the bottom of the extinct chain. Meaning, they are not at all extinct.

What would happen to the food chain if the rhino was extinct?

other animals would die

What would happen if the komodo dragon went extinct?

the food chain would crumble!

What would happen if coyotes became extinct?

The food chain would be disrupted a bit, and there wouldn't be any coyotes (AKA. "extinct").

What will happen to the tiger habitat if they are extinct?

If and when the Tigers become extinct... it will be a sad world for all... :( The habitat for tigers will see an increase in their prey such as smaller mamals and more wild life will form, and the food chain will reposition itself.

Which part of a food chain is affected by one animal becoming extinct?

All of the food chain would become affected.

What will happen if one of the links in a food chain becomes extinct?

It will effect part of the food chain links before it, and it will effect the rest of the food chain links after it.

What can happen if the snow leopard became extinct?

one of the most important food chain will be broken.

What would happen if all reptiles became extinct?

The food chain would be messed up

What could happen to an ecosystem when an animal is endangered or extinct?

the food chain could get messed up

What would happen to food chain if the African penguin became extinct?

every onr in the food chain will die lol i direction rock

What would happen if one consumer in a food chain became extinct?

If one consumer in a food chain became extinct all the others would be in danger and the food chain would collapse because they need each other for food.

What is the Australian echidna's food chain?

Echidnas' preferred diet is primarily termites, but they eat ants if termites are not available. Because of its spines, there are few animals willing to eat an echidna, but they are not at the top of the food chain, The Queensland museum used to have on display a fossilised snake that attempted to eat an echidna. Neither creature survived - obviously. The echidna's quills became stuck in the snake.Thus, the echidna is in the middle of the food chain.

How would it effect the food chain if the cheetah went extinct?

there would become an overpopulation of the prey of cheetahs

Why should you help killer whales?

because if they become extinct, it could have a huge inpacked of the food chain..