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The Germans would've taken the Rosens and the other jews who where trying to flee to Sweden and probably do something horrible to uncle Henrik.


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He told Annemarie about the Handkerchief and the dogs that stopped by his boat to inspect it.

Uncle Henrik told Annemarie that Peter was in the resistance. He helped to bring the jews to Sweden.

Uncle Henrik treats Annemarie like an adult cause she is taking responsibility

Uncle Henrik tells Annemarie that their Great-Aunt Berte has died and they are having a funeral.

The handkerchief She had to give to Uncle Henrik

When Annemarie is running to Henrik to deliver the package.

The supporting charters are Annemarie and her mother and father and her uncle Henrik

Uncle HenrikEllen and her familyAnnemarie, Kirsti, and their parents

Mrs. Johansen wanted to keep Anne Marie safe therefore she did not tell her what she was carrying to Uncle Henrik on the boat.

Mrs. Johansen did not tell Anne Marie what she was really carrying to Uncle Henrik on the boat to keep her safer.

No because she thought that she needed to know alot to be brave but then uncle henrik told her that she does not need to know alot

When Mr. Rosen falls, he drops the package, but doesn't realize it. Annemarie runs it to Uncle Henrik. Later, Uncle Henrik explains that the package was a heinkerchief coated in cocaine and dried rabbit blood to mess up the German K-9s sense of smell when they tried to sniff Ellen out. She along with her parents and other Jews were concealed in a hidden compartment. Ellen made it to Sweden. The book doesn't say what happened afterward.

because of what uncle Henrik told her in the barn its better to know little

She thinks about the story of little red riding hood on the path to the boat, she goes on the path to give the handkerchief to Uncle Henrik to save the Rosens or / and jews from the Nazi soldiers - Swedan was secretly & sneakly helping Denmark and other countries in Europe fight against Germany in World War 2.

Annemarie finds out Mama and Uncle Henrik are lying about Great-Aunt Birte.

Because mama sprained her ankle, and it will be much less suspicious when annmarie does it.

peter told mr.rosen to give the handkerchief to uncle henrik when he got on the boat.dipped to the handkerchief is rabbits blood and cocaine.the rabbits blood attracted jewish soilders dogs and them numbed their nose temporarily so the they wont find jews on the ship.

She is afraid that Kirsti is going to tell the Soldier if they were celbrating New Years. Ellen's New Years!

The main characters in Number the Stars, are Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen. Minor characters include: Kirsti, Peter, Annemarie's parents, Ellen's parents, and Uncle Henrik.

Henrik Havas's birth name is Rokobauer Henrik.

Henrik Lundqvist goes by King Henrik, and Hank.

Henrik has written: 'Prins Henrik' -- subject(s): Biography, Princes

Henrik Schildt's birth name is Ernst Henrik Schildt.

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