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Most likely, the USSR would have been overrun and the Communist party would have been crushed, but nobody can tell for sure.

the real question is what would have happened to the allies if the Russians lost the war. most likely, there would have been a resistance until either the Germans fell back or Hitler died and the Germans fell back. but again, no one knows for sure. alot more people would have died.

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Q: What would have happened to the USSR if the Allies had lost World War 2?
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What side was the USSR on in World War II?

The USSR was with the Allies - they were against the Germans

What are world war 11 allies?

if you mean world war 2 the us the UK an ussr would be examples.

Who were Americas three greatest allies in World War 2?

i would say Britain was the greatest, then the USSR, then France i would guess.

Who were allies of the US in World War 1?

The main US Allies were the British Empire, the USSR and China.

Was USSR on the axis or allies?


Who are the World War 2 UK Allies?

The US, USSR, China and the Free French were the UK's major allies.

What were the three major Allies in World War 2?

USA, USSR, & Britan

Which countries were our allies during world war 2?

UK, USSR and France

Who were the three main Allies World War 2?

The UK The US and the USSR.

Who are 4 Allies of World War 2?

USA, UK, USSR and France

Top 5 allies of World War II?

The top five allies in World War 2 are the USSR, USA, Britain, Canada and Australia.

What countries were referred to as the Allies in World War 2?

The Allies were: * U.S.A * Great Britain * France(for some time ) * USSR

The axis and the allies in world war 2?

Allies - USA, UK USSR and France Axis - Germany, Italy and Japan

What were the 4 key allies to the US during World War 2?

Main allies of the US were Britain, France, USSR and China.

Who were France's main allies during World War 2?

The UK, US and the USSR.

Was USSR part of the axis powers in World War 2?

no, they were part of the allies forces

What countries were known as allies in the world war 2?

US, USSR, UK, and France

Why did the USSR control the Eastern Bloc Countries?

USSR wanted the countries to be communist but the other allies thought it would cause another rebellion the allies started fighting china, north korea, and the USSR so the USSR made blockades so they didn't get over run by allied forces

Who were france's allies and enemies throughout world war 2?

USA, UK, and USSR were Allies. Germany, Italy and Japan were Axis enemies.

Who were the four major Allies?

In WW-2 that would be Britain, China, USA and the USSR.

Did Winston Churchill get allies for world war 2?

yes like USSR, USA and China

What countries where united states allies during world war 2?

UK, USSR, and France

Why did the Soviet Union finally join the allies during World War 2?

They joined the allies when Germany started invading the USSR ( soviet union)

Why was it important that the Soviet Union fought with the Allies in World War 2?

It is in large measure due to the bloodbath between Germany and the USSR that the allies were able to win WWII. For the sake of argument if the USSR were neutral the defeat of Germany would have taken much longer and entailed a much greater US effort.

Why could the allies not use land routes to supply West Berlin?

Allies had to air lift supplies into West Berlin because the USSR had all roads blockaded. The eastern part of the city was under the control of the USSR, and the western region was under the control of the allies. The USSR hoped that by shutting off all routes, the allies would turn total control of Berlin over to them.