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This is possibly a indication of pregnancy. Do a pregnancy test. It may also be a indication of a approaching period and sometimes even ovulation.

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Q: What would it indicate if you have symptoms such as sore breasts and more discharge than usual and sharp painful cramps?
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What are the symptoms and treatments and causes of vaginatis?

Itching,painful in sex,vaginal discharge

Can a female get chlamydia and what are the symptoms?

Yes, a female can get chlamydia. 80-90% of females with chlamydia have no symptoms at all; in those who get symptoms, they may have unusual vaginal discharge, painful urination, painful sex, or bleeding between periods or after sex.

What are the symptoms of nose piercing infections?

Swelling, discharge of puss, hot to the touch, severe redness, painful upon contact.

Can a female get chlamydia and what are the symptons?

Females can get chlamydia. Chlamydia causes no symptoms in most women. If a woman has symptoms, she may have painful urination, vaginal discharge, or pelvic pain.

What are the symptoms of candida vulvovaginitis?

The symptoms of candida vulvovaginitis are itching, soreness, painful sexual intercourse, and a thick, white, curdy (like cottage cheese) vaginal discharge.

If you have a sharp tingly prickly pain in your breasts after the day you had your IUI are you pregnant?

Tingling breasts are caused by a lack of progesterone or estrogen, or too much estrogen or progesterone. Depending on the percentages of each in your system. Painful breasts does not indicate pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of trichomoniasis for females?

Females with trichomoniasis may notice no symptoms at all. They may complain of itching, discharge, foul vaginal odor, painful urination, rash, or bleeding after sex.

What are the Symptoms of having an STD with an IUD?

The IUD does not change or affect STD symptoms. Most women, with or without an IUD, have no symptoms when infected with an STD. If a woman has symptoms, they could include bumps, sores, discharge, painful urination, pelvic pain, painful sex, or bleeding after sex. If you are at risk for STDs, see your health care provider for testing.

What symptoms can be mistaken for chlamydia?

Chlamydia most often causes no symptoms. In females, 80-90% have no signs or symptoms; in men, at least 50% are asymptomatic. For the minority that does have symptoms, they may include vaginal or urethral discharge, painful urination, or pain in the scrotum. The discharge and urination may also be caused by gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma, and other non-sexually transmitted infections.

What are the symptoms of cervicitis?

painful sexual intercourse, vaginal pain, frequent need to urinate, burning or itching in the vaginal area, persistent unusual vaginal discharge

Does chlamydia have short-term or long-term symptoms?

Chlamydia has both short-term and long-term symptoms. Most commonly, infected people have no symptoms. If symptoms occur, the short-term problems are painful urination or genital discharge. Longer term symptoms can include chronic pelvic pain.

What are period's?

Bloating, mood swings body hair, sweating, cramps, headaches, painful breasts, yellowy white discharge and your first period is a reddish brown hope this helpps x

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