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The downshift cable is probably out of adjustment, GoodluckJoe

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Q: What would keep a 1963 Olds Super 88 394ci 3-Speed Hydramatic from staying engaged in third gear when pressing on gas?
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1996 Ford Crown Victoria transmission is it a c6?

No the c6 is a 3speed automatic transmission that was used on earlier fords.

Is a 1990 dodge daytona 3.0 automatic a 3 speed or 4 speed?

i think it was a 3speed and optional 4speed

What transmission is in a 93 three quarter ton Chevy?

if its overdrive its a 700r4 if 3speed it should be a turbo 400 It came factory with a 4L80E Transmission

91 buick skylark 3speed transmission wont shift out of low?

Check of change fluid and filter--if this doesn't help it may be time for a rebuild

What automatic transmission does a 1994 F250 gas truck have?

one of three. c6 3speed auto. aod 4speed with overdrive. or a 5 speed manual

3speed auto wont shift into drive unless motor is turning hi rpms or until tranny oil is hot?

Possibly a Clogged transmission filter. Change the fluid and filter.

What kind of gas mileage does the 1.6l geo tracker 4x2 get?

28-30mpg depending on your driving traffic, your type of trany(3speed, 4speed or 5speed) and hilly terain makes this go down !

How many pints of gear oil in a 1993 geo prism 3speed automatic?

Three speed automatic doesnt take gear oil. It takes dexron type 2 automatic fluid.

How do you tell if your 2001 prizm is a 3 speed or 4 speed?

look at the decal on the inside of your trunk lid. It has a lot of numbers called RPO codes. If you see MB3 it is a 3speed if you see MS7 then it is a 4speed.

What does a Pontiac Fiero gets for gas mileage?

'87 2.8 V6 5spd averages about 25 MPG. 85 2.8 v6 se auto 3speed gets 18 city 26ish hwy

How do you change a transmission in a 1988 nova 3speed automatic?

The easiest way is to drop the car off at a local transmission shop, give them eight hundred dollars and your phone number. If you really need to ask this question the job is over your head.

Where is the speed sensor on a 2000 dodge grand caravan?

On a 4 speed transmission it is the output speed sensor. That ir the sensor on the front of the trans farthest to the driver side. On a 3speed transmission it is on the housing that the passenger axle shaft comes out of trans in.

Hi will a 1990 dodge 1 ton 2wd 3speed with 318 or 360 trans fit a 1988 Ramcharger with 4x4 3 speed and 360 tbi trans thanks?

Yes. But! You will have to change the rear out put casing and output shaft.

What standard features are a part of a 1959 Chevy?

The standard features of a 1959 Chevrolet Impala are a new X-frame Chassis. The standard model was a 2door but 4door models were available. Also it was available in 3speed manual and 2speed automatic transmission.

What could be wrong with the transmission on a 97 Plymouth voyager when it does not shift out of third?

depends, what kind of trans is if, if its a 3speed then that's as far as it should go. Have the engine and trans computers checked for trouble codes. The 4 speed will not shift when the computer detects a problem and sets a code.

Can a Mercedes-Benz 300d be used in a ford?

YES i am doing it! Its almost done all i have to do is mount the engine inside the cab. The 300d is mounted via a custom plate to my old ford 3speed OD trans. please email with Q&A

I have a 1986 ford f150 with a 300 straight six and a 3speed transmisson. Im thinking of swaping in a 351m bigblock with a automatic. I have a few questions like would the six cylinder rearend hold up?

its most likely the same rear end and it probably redlines at about 5,000.

Can you replace a 3speed manual transmission with a C4 ford transmission It is for a 1961 Ford Falcon?

Yes. Your best bet would be to find a donor car with an A/T. If not then, it may get very expensive. You will need a bell-housing, torque converter, transmission & mount, drive-shaft, and all the shift linkage. Of course you can go with a floor shift if you are not trying to keep it stock.

What Transmission Type Is In A 92 DeVille?

All of the 92 Devilles have a THM 440 Hydromatic transmission, this a 3speed with an overdrive and a converter clutch. Beyond that there were two different final drive ratios depending on if it is a base deville or a touring sedan and they are also different if you have traction control (not just ABS). You probably have more questions now than before. If you post them here, I will try to answer them. Cadillac Man

How many miles does a ford f 150 get on the highway?

Well, more information would be useful like year and engine size, but i have a 94 302ci auto and it gets about 10 city/14 hwy. My dad has a 97 with the 4.6l auto and it gets 13 city/ 17 hwy.I have also owned an 88 351 3speed auto and that got 8 city/10 hwy, but it wasn't running right.

If four sound waves reached a source at the same time what do the waves wave do not have in common 1 amplitude 2 frequency 3speed 4 wavelenght?

First of all, sound waves propagate away from the source, not toward it.Next, if four sound waves reached the same point at the same time, there's no reasonwhy they couldn't all have the same amplitude, frequency, speed, and wavelength.Next question ?

Can you update your 78 Toyota pickup automatic transmission 3 speed for a 4 speed without any modification?

If you talking about a Manual transmission then no. You will need all the parts needed for a manual transmission to properly function. However the Toyota A40 3speed is the same length as a Toyota W50 5speed.No welding is necessary. you will need to relocate the shifter hole about 5 inches back for the shifter to fit and function properly.

Electric transmission on 1986 d-100 custom good or bad?

As time has advanced electric transmission's in general have become more effecient, but lighter. 86 is far back enough that the transmission should still be pretty heavy. 86 dodge a727 trans is not electric it is all hyd.ther very good heavy duty trans 3speed . the trans that had problems electric 4 speed auto 97 to 05.

How do you remove the trans oil pan and replace the gasket and how many ouarts of fluidon a 2000 dodge caravan 3.3 v6 3speed?

unscrew all the trans pan bolts and let it leak out. Then remove pan totally. Three screws hold the trans filter. Replace it. Put in new trans filter. You either get a gasket to deal the trans pan or use RTV to seal it. Refill trans - dont over fill. Done

How many quarts of transmission fluid in 1992 dodge spirit?

depending on transmission... mine is an A413 3Speed,4... 3 for trans itself and 1 for torque converter... Make sure that you use ATF+3 or 4... they quit making ATF+3 i believe or atleast that's what ive heard since you cant find that anymore so make sure that you use ATF+4... Dextron and stuff is make mainly for stuff like Ford and will distroy the Chrysler made transmissions