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What would life on Earth be like without night?


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You'd probably be living in Alaska during the summer. You should read the story Nightfall, by Isaac Asimov.


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There would be no life on earth without the sun. The temperatures would be too cold to support life.

If there were no atmosphere, there would be no life on Earth. Or at least, not "life as we know it".

Without the atmosphere, there would be no life on earth.

There would be no life on Earth without cells.

There would be no life. Without gravity there would be no stellar nebulae. Without stellar nebulae there would be no sun nor earth and so no life.

it would be meaning no life whatsoever.

Without water, earth would not support life.

Without the Sun, there would be no life on Earth.

it depends on what you mean... the earth without plant life is not good. the earth is essentially plant life, so in essence it would just be a floating rock. But the earth without human life-- now that's a different question. Without human life it would just go on the same way it always would. Nature eating, protecting, and producing nature. the weather would be purely natural. But there would be no evolution. No discoveries, explorations, nourishment, and tipping the cycle of life. Human life has both tainted and expanded the natural world. And that is my lecture on 'what would earth be like without life?'

Without the sun there would be no life on earth because the sun gives heat and life energy that if it is missing, Earth would be totally freezing and without life. The 5 branches of living things cannot survive without the sun.

Without Gravity, there would be no life at all on Earth. There would also be no Earth, since planets are held together by gravity.

Bare rock. We would not be able to see it. In fact there would be no life on Earth without water.

No, because without them we would not have enough oxygen to support life.

No. There was life on earth before any eukaryotes existed: prokaryotes.

It would most likely be without any life on it

If you mean the planet Earth, without them there would be no life on it...

there would be no life. earth would just be... earth! without ANYTHING! that includes water, soil, sand... etc.

It is doubted that there would be any life on earth without the sun because it would be so cold with absolutely no heat at all.

No life would still go on without humans

Without the atmosphere that we breath, there would be no human life on earth.

They do drive at night. If there was really no sun, there would be no life on Earth.

Because that is how the sun's energy is formed, and without the sun there would be no life on earth

then 1 part of the earth would have a lifelong day and the other would be a lifelong night. there would be no life

First of all if there were no people in the Earth?

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