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It could be the keyswitch or the starter solenoid.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-09 15:22:54
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Q: What would make 1998 volkswagen jetta only fire as your letting off the key switch?
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What model of car would you like to buy?

Volkswagen Jetta TDI.

How much to replace a generator belt on a 2003 volkswagen jetta?

A generator belt on a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta costs approximately fifteen dollars to replace for the part only. Labor pricing would increase the total cost.

Volkswagen jetta the rad fan will not shut off?

A Volkswagen Jetta radiator fan is controlled by a fan relay. If the relay malfunctions the fan could either stay on or not work at all. An engine diagnostic would be recommended.

How many mechanic hours would it take to replace an ignition coil in a 05 volkswagen jetta?


What is the bolt pattern for Volkswagen Jetta?

It depends on the year, the current Jetta 2005.5 - Present is a 5 x 112 The previous body style would be 5 x 100

Where can you test drive a Volkswagen Jetta wagon in Vancouver?

Asking your Volkswagon dealer would be a great start as to where you can test drive a Jetta wagon. In fact, the dealer there might even let you test drive a Jetta wagon there, if he or she has one.

The Volkswagen Jetta 3 has its fuel pump in the tank If you wanted to remove it how would you go about it?

If you want to remove a fuel pump from the tank of a Volkswagen Jetta 3, you first need to drop the tank. This means the tanks has to be completely removed from the vehicle before the pump can be removed.

How do you change a passenger side front headlight bulb in a 2001 volkswagen jetta?


Is there anything besides the alternator being bad that would cause a 2002 Volkswagen jetta to stop running when the battery is disconnected?


2005 Volkswagen Jetta has intermmitent starting problem?

I had the same problem with my car a couple of months ago. I would try calling your local Volkswagen dealership...chances are, it is a warranty issue and it will be free of charge!

How many quarts of oil does a 2002 Volkswagen jetta 2.0 L really requires?

A 2002 VW Jetta with the 2.0 liter engine takes 4.2 quarts of oil. 4 would probably be fine.

How expensive should a used VW Jetta be?

"A new Volkswagen Jetta should be between 15,000 and 24,000 US dollars. the price of a used one would depend on the seller, the year model and, the condition of the vehicle."

What would be some of the better sales Volkswagen has had on their vehicles?

Volkswagen had really good success in selling their jetta, Beatles and bug models of the vehicle. The Volkswagen bug did very well in the 70s and the new model called the Beatle is currently selling very well.

What would cause the trunk not to open with the remote switch on a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta if the solenoid is clicking?

Same thing happened on my 2000 Jetta. I took the cover off the inside of the trunk lid and found that the plastic peg that the solenoid hits had broken off. I am now searching for the part to see how hard it is to replace. I have a feeling I will have to buy the whole mechanism.

I have an intermittent problem with a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta drivers door power window motor. It will just stop working.Is it going to be the motor or the switch.?

I would suspect the switch first. The next time it fails remove the door panel, unplugg the electrical connection at the window motor and probe the plug with a test lamp to see if the motor is receiving power when you work the switch.

1996 Volkswagen jetta when i disconnected battery then reconnected the 4 way flasher started flashing and the car would not start?


Where can one purchase a VW Jetta parts?

One can purchase parts for a Volkswagen Jetta at an auto yard or an auto shop. An auto yard would be a good way to get one cheap, as the part is used, but an auto shop would sell new parts at a higher price.

Why would the heater wipers and lowbeams on a 1992 VW Jetta not work but when holding highbeams on everything works?

I had a similar problem with my Jetta. It turned out to be the ignition switch. It takes a little work to change it as the steering column has to come out to disconnect the ignition switch from the bottom of the tumbler( where the key goes in). i

How would you change the radio fuse or 1999 Volkswagen Jetta?

Ok, If i remember right. when you pull the radio out of the dash with the VW Key, The fuse should be on the back of the Radio. Hope This Helps

Where would a person get an original 1994 Jetta owners guide and service guide in British Columbia Canada?

Try ebay. We recently got this: "Volkswagen Gti, Golf, Jetta 1985 - 1992 Manual Bentley." for service. There were other years and some original owners manuals as well.

Why would both headlights of a 1996 Jetta cut out at once when the high beams and parking lights still work?

the dimmer switch is going out if you are experencing that.

Why would you only hear a relay switch everytime you try to start a 93 Volkswagen Passat?

That's the starter relay. Replace the starter.

2006 volkswagen jetta 2.5 has timing belt or chain?

The 2.5s have timing chains. Chains are much longer lasting and do NOT need to be replaced at 60-100k miles like a rubber belt would.

What would cause a loss of power in a Volkswagen Jetta 1999?

There are many things that could be causing a loss of power. Some of the main things would be damaged wiring, drained battery, bad starter, bad alternator and bad solenoid.

Why would the brake lights stay on in a 2003 Jetta when the car and the lights are off?

Defective brake light switch, or it is out of adjustment. Located on the brake pedal arm. there is a recall on the brake lite switch , check your local dealer..