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1.carbon buildup in carburator 2. vacum leak not a sure thing but they are the most likely causes

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Q: What would make a 1977 Ford 400 idle rough?
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Rough idle smell of gas ford windstar?

rough idle smell gas

What would cause a 1995 Ford Aerostar to idle rough?

the radiotor or the cams

What would cause a rough idle on 2004 Ford Expedition?

I had the same problem with my 2005 ford expedition... it was my chamshaft....... The repair is expensive... But it fixed the problem......

Why would a 1995 Ford Aspire has rough idle cut off loss of power at high speed need help?

The 1995 Ford Aspire would have a rough idle cut off of power at high speeds due to mis firing. There is also a rev limiter to control how fast you can go.

Why is idle rough on cold engine in 2007 ford focus?

throttle body or idle air control value

What may cause a 1996 Ford Escort LX to idle rough and that has stalled a few times while reversing?

The most common cause of a 1996 Ford Escort to idle rough is bad spark plugs or bad spark plug wires. A plugged air filter will also cause it to idle rough.

Why does my 1986 ford f150 idle rough and sometimes stalls?

A bad IAC (Idle air control valve) or a vacuum leak or both.

What could cause p1000 code rough idle on 2001 Ford Ranger 4.0L Truck runs fine above idle but stalls at idle?

Remove, clean or replace the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve.

Why does my 1999 ford mustang engine idle rough?

I am having the same problem, and poor acceleration!!

1999 Ford Expedition runs rough at idle speed?

jerking speed 40 50

Why would a 1996 Ford Contour idle rough once it gets hot?

possible vacume leak in the egr valve or bad valve itself.

Why would a 1998 dodge stratus idle rough?


Why would my 2004 Mustang GT develope a rough idle?

I have a 2004 gt that has also developed a rough idle also and can't find the problem.... I wish you had the answer....

What would cause your 1990 300zx idle rough?

my 1990 300zx is idling rough what could cause this?

How to fix a rough idle Nissan?

why does my vr commodore idle rough when at complete stop

Why does your 2001 Kia Sportage idle rough?

Why does my 2001 kia sportage idle rough?

Why does your 98 Ford Explorer idle rough when cold?

The choke mechanism on your 98 Explorer could be sticking. The EGR valve could also not be functioning right. Either of these issues could cause the rough idle problem.

Why would a Ford Explorer start up rough?

mine does the same problem, a new idle air control motor fixed this problem, cheap and easy to install.

What causes back firing on Ford Explorer?

What causes back firing on a ford explorer and it to idle rough and want to cut out when you try to give it gas.

1990 ford f150 has rough idle and stalls but runs great over 1000rpm?

Check your vacuum hose.

What causes rough idleing for a 2000 ford explore?

check the idle control valve not that hard to replace and inexpensive

What causes 1997 Ford F-350 to idle rough and sluggish with power?

injectors are a common problem

What make the car to idle rough you changed the plugs?

When the idle goes rough, you must idle the plugs. Else the car plugs roughly.

Why does a PT Cruiser idle rough?

With mine, the rough idle was fixed by changing the spark plug wires.

1996 ford probe se rough idle need to find ajusting screw?

The 1996 Ford Probe SE that has a rough idle can be fixed by locating the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor and replacing any damaged wires. The EFI or Electronic Fuel Injector can also be the problem. The engines of today no longer have an adjustment screw to turn to set the idle.